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01 May 2016 By

The Tippling Club, Singapore has a new Bar Wizard and don’t you mistake him for Harry Potter!

Between him spraying perfumed mist on his latest concoction, and ageing some whisky, we catch a few minutes of Joe Schofield’s time and ask him a bunch of questions, from what his “spirit” animal is to whether or not he is in fact, Harry Potter.

Bartender: Joseph Schofield, The Tippling Club, Singapore

Q: Where are you from? And where do you live now?
A: I’m from the north of England and I now live in Singapore.

Q: Top Three Bars? 
A: My favourite international bar is ‘Termini’ in Soho, London and in Asia, I love Star Bar and locally, it has to be Manhattan! 

Q: According to you, Great Bars have … ?
A: Great Staff.

Q: People always confuse you with…?
A: Harry Potter.

Q: If you weren’t bartending, you’d be…
A: I’d definitely be in the creative industry. I studied contemporary arts before falling in love with the cocktail industry.

Q: What is your drink trend prediction?
A: On a global level, I think people are drinking complex lower abv drinks. Guests are paying more attention to what they are drinking, which is great news for us bartenders.

Q: Your “spirit” animal is…? (dessert island bottle/beverage)
A: My favourite cocktail is a Negroni. But my favourite drink is a good espresso – I need to have one first thing in the morning!


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