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18 Jan 2018 By

Big Wine Freaks Bar in Moscow Combines Big Ideas, Freaky Luxury and Winning Wines.

By Marta Knas.

Big Wine Freaks Bar is a new spot in the heart of Moscow founded by two entrepreneurs, Vladimir Basov and Artem Tskhakaya. After their other bar’s opening in St. Petersburg, the businessmen have teamed up with Italian design practice – b-arch – to create an entirely new space in the capital where luxury meets industrial.


A few steps away from the Kurdinskaya Square, Big Wine Freaks features dark and earthly tones  – mud red bricks, orange and turquoise velvet alongside oak brown tables.


Smaller décor elements such as a crystal chandelier and fresh flowers contrasts with the dim interior of the winery, where one can find a careful selection of wines, from Bordeaux through Burgundy to Champagne.


To accompany a good drink, chef Marat Kalajian has created a sophisticated menu of finger food dishes.


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