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24 Jul 2018 By

From History to Hibiki, From Scotland to Suntory, Here’s a Happily-Researched Book About Everything Regarding Japanese Whisky. Like, Everything.

So much to learn, so little time. So when an expert comes along with a book that condenses everything you want and need to know about Japanese Whisky, you just say, “arigato!”.


book japanese whisky

Brian Ashcraft’s new release (expression?) is a compendium about Japanese whiskies, from its history to its present day successes. There are useful tasting notes on all the main releases from the major distilleries, including ones from Hombo Shuzo and Venture Whiskies.

book japanese whisky

At under 150 pages the book is an easy and elucidating read.

If you’re a collector, this book is compulsory; if you’re just wetting your beak, this book is compelling.

We learned a lot: Japanese barley is four times more expensive than imports; highballs work better with food than neat whiskies; and Suntory Whisky’s chief blender Shinji Fukuyo eats the same soba meal every day

Buy Japanese Whisky by Brian Ashcraft here.

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