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28 Feb 2018 By

Here’s A New Type of Brewery: Birrificio Italiano

Birrificio Italiano is an innovative phenomenon in the production of handmade beer in Italy. Founded in 1994 and open to the public in 1996, it was the first microbrewery in Lombardy, and soon became one of the most successful in the country, recognised and beyond.


The new restaurant-brewery Birrificio Italiano, designed in Milan by the architects of DWA Design Studio, is located right next to the Central Station.


It’s on the street, the strict charm of the buildings makes the travelers immediately immerse themselves in the northern and metropolitan atmosphere.


The architects wanted to create in the restaurant a sense of a place outside of time, reminiscent of the mood of the old bar, where people used to meet at home.


Each material of the interior was chosen in order to create an atmosphere that has an in-depth study of beer, each of which has its own character, its own soul.


Two red neon chandeliers show their names, and the different tones of wooden chairs seem to speak of a variety of shades of beer.


Immediately in front of the entrance, on the original Milan mosaic floor, which has been preserved since the 1930s, there is a bar – the main focal point of space, the place where beer is served and its history is told.


The height of the counter is deliberately made lower than usual, to encourage conversation between visitors and the bartender, reducing the barrier between them.

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Birrificio Italiano  Via Marconi 27, Limido Comasco, Como, Italia

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