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We Got Schooled on The Differences Between Biodynamic, Organic and Natural Wines… By The Man Who’s Importing Only Biodynamic, Organic and Natural Wines.

Dellarosa Wine specialises in curating and importing biodynamic, natural and organic wines.

To a winemaker, the creation of biodynamic, natural and organic wines is a rebellion against the onslaught of industrailisation and commercialised production of wines. It is a return to more idyllic and innocent times, when process and provenance were key.

Our previous notions of such farm fresh wines were misguided, to say the least. Organic wines? Precious, and made by bearded guys and women who loved alfalfa sprouts. Natural wines? Didn’t have sulfites, farm had donkeys instead of tractors. Biodynamic wines? Grapes plucked by hippies who danced under a full moon.

Quintino Dellarosa, a Sicilian native and importer of such wines, was very quick to dispel such notions. “Dellarosa Wine is about sharing the value of artisanal winemakers’ commitment and passion. Our goal is to present healthier alternatives to wine aficionados,” he said during a tasting sesh. The company www.dellarosawine.com imports an exclusive range from across Europe, curated to make sure the wines are high-quality and sustainable. Here’s what you need to know:

Organic Wines

Dellarosa Wine

Organic wines are wines made from grapes that have been harvested without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals. To protect the crops from weeds, fungi or insects, organic farmers work with nature, rather than against it, by boosting their vineyard’s biodiversity. This way, the vineyard becomes a self-regulating, natural ecosystem, able to combat problems intrinsically and eliminating the need for artificial and potentially toxic chemicals. 


Biodynamic Wines

italy sicily dellarosa wine

Biodynamic wines take into consideration the lunar cycle during farming, harvesting and vinification. During the wine making process, every task, from planting to pruning, is regulated by a special biodynamic calendar, and every form of human intervention is carefully calculated to ensure the least impact on the environment. The result is vibrant and complex flavours that will undoubtedly excite palates, while bringing a whole host of health benefits to the drinker.


Natural Wines

Vineyard in Italy Dellarosa Wine

These are produced using the same techniques as our ancestors 8,000 years ago. Unlike conventional wines, they are characterised by the least possible intervention during the wine making process with the omission of chemical yeasts, vitamins, enzymes, reverse osmosis, cryo-extraction and powdered tannins. While they have been in existence since like forever, it was only in recent years that it became a movement (#OccupyNatural), where winemakers champion a return to the vineyard amidst increasing industrialisation. Spearheaded by small-scale, artisan operations, these naturally-made variations of wines are reflective of the great care that is taken from vineyard to cellar, and the result one gets is the best product that nature can provide.

Now you know. What to order:

Dellarosa Wine_Gianfranco Daino, Suber (2013)

Without a doubt my favourite red of the day. A superb Natural 2013 Suber (S$68, Caltagirone, Sicily) from winemaker Gianfranco Daino. Grapes are 50% Nero d’Avola, 30% Granache and 20% Frappato
, and is aged 12 months in small barrels and six months in bottle. The nose is of a corkwood forest, you can taste its woody provenance, as well as dried fruits and a slight jamminess. The otherworldly surprise: It is intense and tastes like an amarone, for half the price!

[ Our pals at Spirited Singapore have more recommendations ]

Dellarosa Wine_Porta del Vento, Saharay (2015)

A Biodynamic Saharay from producer Porta del Vento in Camporeale, Sicily, made from 100% catarratto grapes. Poised 600 meters above sea level, the sandy soil gives it a ghostly minerality, and its prolonged maturation gives it flavours of bergamot, mint, cloves and cinnamon.

Okay, class dismissed. Now go order at Dellarosa Wine.

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