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23 May 2017 By

The Drink Here Now team has compiled a list of 263 (yes, random) bars around the world that matter most, right now. Which one is a winner from your city?

From Liquor.com’s Drink Here Now.

Drink Here Now is bigger and better than ever.

This year, 263 bars are featured. That’s 90 more than last time. And, for 2017, Drink Here Now has gone global. It’s now a celebration of the world’s greatest, most distinctive bars.

The winners—selected by some of the most knowledgeable, well-traveled people we know—are located in 61 cities around Planet Earth. These are the 14 categories:

Together, the winners are exactly where you want to be drinking. Choose a city and find a new favorite bar. Or pick one of the 14 categories and check out the awardees from across the world. Or wander the map, drink by continent by drink.

Drink Here Now is not only about the newest, and it’s not just about the best. It’s about the smartest, the most thoughtful, the bleeding edge, the tried-and-true. The places that matter most—right now.

*Bars listed are not ranked.

Some highlights:

ATHENS. No. 143: The Clumsies

WHY HERE: The Clumsies likes to bill itself as an “all-day bar,” and who are we to argue? It’s the perfect place to linger from morning until night, when the party really gets going, and watch the stunning Mediterranean light shift across the sky. The pops of color and texture in the space are as pleasantly surprising as those in the cocktail creations, especially in the more formal upstairs space known as The Room.

WHY NOW: The Clumsies is great at any hour, but it’s also quickly becoming a well-known spot to see guest bartenders from around the globe work their magic in tandem with the bar’s top-notch staff. The generosity of spirit and sense of community here is massive.

michael callahan

SINGAPORE. No. 256: 28 Hong Kong Street

WHY HERE: Michael Callahan (above) spurred a cocktail revolution across Singapore—and, dare we say, Southeast Asia—when he opened 28 Hong Kong Street. Today, the pleasantly boisterous, laid-back space continues to consistently wow guests, never rests on its laurels and somehow makes the construction of magnificent cocktails seem incredibly chill.

WHY NOW: The bar has been on the lips of cocktail geeks for years but continues to rack up the accolades as an elder statesman of the scene while still flipping its menu over completely three times a year. Maturity looks good on you, kid.

artemisia bar Mexico

MEXICO CITY. No. 2: Maison Artemisia

WHY HERE: Maison Artemisia is everything you’d want for a cocktail den located inside your boudoir: velvety, sexy and lounge-worthy. It’s noticeably Parisian-inspired without overdoing it, and the low-lights and absinthe-loving menu make dancing with the Green Fairy all night seem like a dangerously dreamy idea.

WHY NOW: Even in the best bars, having a drink can sometimes feel a little rushed: hustled in and hustled out as bartenders work to keep up with the slam of guests. Artemisia is a true salon-style retreat away from the hubbub, not to mention the streets of Mexico City outside.

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