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You might have started to notice a new tequila player in town, in the clubs, bars and at parties. El Optimista is a premium tequila that’s about to rock the cartels (here). We spoke to its founder Eli.

El Optimista debuted in Singapore a few months ago. It’s a premium tequila with an interesting backstory and comes in four flavours: Blanco, Reposado, Anéjo and the limited edition Extra Anéjo. The four types differ mainly in flavor and colour. At the cocktail pairing session, we tasted some amazing mixes that really brought out the richness and ripeness of the blends. (For the unintiated, you can drink good tequila all night and not wake up as if The Hulk had been twerking inside your skull. Just have it with a snifter glass and sip/savour.)

We interviewed Eli (first name only), Director of Fun and Happiness at nightlife portal www.nightdowhat.com, and founder of El Optimista tequila, about his new premium spirit.

El Optimista El Optimista

What are its origins – how did you discover/create El Optimista?

“Sometime in 2014, I made a trip to Jalisco, Mexico, with one objective in mind: to find a tequila that was unique in flavour (I was planning to distribute it in Singapore/Asia). I visited dozens of tequila distilleries from morning till late and – after weeks of consistent drunkenness – I found one that felt different and felt just right.

In less than 10 minutes I was sold, and I confirmed that it would be known as ‘El Optimista Tequila’, and it would change the way people think about tequila, the same way it changed my perception. (About the name: El Optimista – Spanish for ‘The Optimist’ – I always believed that it’s a natural outcome of drinking alcohol. When we have good drinks we always tell people we love them, and automatically we become optimist!).

It’s also another reason why I say that El Optimista is the only tequila in the world that’s served with a smile.”

Where do you see El Optimista’s place in this competitive market?

“The way I see it, our big challenge is not the competition but the education.

I believe that in Asia, tequila in general does not have the reputation that it deserves. You can really enjoy a good bottle of tequila with a few friends; drink it slow and easy, and not just as shots in parties. Also, tequila cocktails can pair very well with food.

So, back to your question, I know it’s ambitious to say that but El Optimista is branded alongside good whiskies, cognacs and of course, other premium tequilas.”

El Optimista El Optimista

 What’s the best way to drink premium tequila? On the rocks? Neat?

“Of course everyone has his own way, but to enjoy the best of the flavors of El Optimista I will recommend to drink it the same way you appreciate a good whiskey – in a snifter glass. And of course no salt and lemon!”

What’s with the logo with the woman? It’s not the usual look for a tequila bottle, which is also quite masculine looking with its packaging.

“I’m glad you asked this. When I was doing my research about tequila, I realised that most of the brands in the market are portrayed as somewhat ‘macho’, with masculine names and logos.

The idea to use the lady as a logo came to me during my Mexican trip. When I go out to bars and nightclubs, I discovered that despite our image of their men as macho and rough, Mexicans are real gentleman. Everywhere we went, it was the lady at the table who decided what to drink and what to order. This is why we decided to combine both the machismo and feminine elements: The bottle looks sharp and muscular, but the logo is a pretty lady called ‘El Optimista’ – a soft and happy name.”

Salud all, and you can find El Optimista at various bars and hotels (Fullerton, Fullerton Bay) around Singapore. Full listing coming soon.



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