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Award-Winning Bartenders in a Stark Minimalist Space Crafting Minimalist Cocktails – Why Aren’t You Drinking at Fancy Yet?

Fancy’s stark minimalism might take you aback when you first see it. It’s stark, there’s no getting round it, and there’s no place to hide. It looks like a pysch ward with drinks to calm you; it’s a meditation sanctum with cool-ass cocktails.

The bar is the centrepiece like a science lab. So while this white box might seem cold, the hospitality is anything but. It’s helmed by Sin Kim Shin (Diageo World Class Singapore 2017 Winner) and Jayden Ong (Diageo World Class Singapore 2017Runner-up) – two of the nicest people in the biz. They’re warm and fun, modest yet masterful – two young ‘uns who are old hands in the industry, with previous stints in Jigger & Pony and Sugarhall.  

And it’s clear from the decor, design and drinks that they’re starting out on a clean slate.

fancy cocktail Saffron

Saffron: Tequila, pineapple, orgeat, lime and egg white.

The menu of 12 signatures are all inspired by flowers, each $22 and all fuss-free and actually fancy-free. While some are variations of classics,  they mostly have a touch of originality and oomph.

The Saffron has a lovely texture and is fresh and fulsome, the hint of almond lends it a lingering pause.

fancy cocktail 4

Osmanthus: Bourbon and chocolate. The cocktail is potent, rendered with layers and flavours.

Note the absence of straws here. They’ve made a conscious effort to create drinks that don’t need straws. A+ in our books.

fancy cocktail 5

The ‘Dirty Martini‘, muddled and made on request. And mighty good.

There’s a small selection of wines here, natural ones which…we’re hoping they will change soon.

fancy cocktail rosella

Rosella: Rum, Campari, grapefruit and sparkling water. The glassware is as minimalist as the decor, but the drink is a painted picture.

fancy cocktail

Orange Blossom:  Calvados, cream, butterscotch, egg white.

Also order the Hops: Pisco mezcal, dill, lemon, egg white. The frothy texture makes this the loveliest agave milkshake this side of town.

A word about the food here: It’s darn good. The bar food menu is expanding and you can get a substantial main and make this your dinner and aprés dinner spot. The dishes that we were privy to were all comfort food done with a touch of class. They’re still working on opening for lunch, which can’t come soon enough. 

In the meanwhile, there’s this mad lab if you wanna #FeelFancy and plant yourself for the night. The bar is fresh but it’s our new fav of the month.

Fancy, 35 North Canal Road, #01-01.

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