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Madonna Likes Hers With Fries, You Probably Like Yours Paired With Chicken Rice (It Works). For All The #Kruglovers Out There, the House’s Champagnes Inspire Emotions, Storytelling and Pairings Like No Other.

It’s very telling of course that Singapore Airlines serves Krug champagne in its first class section. Across all first class lounges in all airlines, and all things being equal – sleeping beds, subservient service, singular cuisine – the one thing that’s gonna set you apart, and give one a story to tell, is the champagne you serve. For the bibulous one-percenters, that story they love to tell (and photo they want to share) about flying first class is that they drank Krug. All. The. Way. #KrugLovers indeed.

Krug champagne

Think of Apple and the very few products they roll out – tablets, laptops, phones – each is pretty much the best in its class, and each has very little variation. You pretty much get the iPhone 6+ and one other iteration. Steve Jobs was simply focused on making it the category leader, and to leave the confusion to his competitors.

Joseph Krug had this same epiphany when he founded the House of Krug & Compagnie in 1843, insisting in his notebook that, “A good House should create only two Champagnes of the same quality” every single year. That’s Two, as in, Batman & Robin, Key & Peele, Simon & Garfunkel.

krug notebook

Yes, this notebook (the original 1843 laptop).

So there’s the Champagne No. 1 Krug Grande Cuvée, and the Champagne No.2 (now known as Krug Vintage), that’s it. Even Apple would kill for this kind of simplicity. Each Krug Vintage is crafted to express the unique character of a particular year captured by Krug, i.e. created only in the years when there is “an interesting story to tell”. (Krug is able to do this because of their vast library of reserve wines, which make them less susceptible to bad weather/seasons).

And when there is an exceptional year, like in 2002, we get the fruits of their curated vision.

Krug champagne The Krug 2002 was so exceptional the House named it Ode to Nature.

The year 2002 gave birth to two expressions: Krug Grande Cuvée 158th edition, the annual Krug Grande Cuvée which was created from the harvest of 2002, and the one we were privy to, the Krug Vintage 2002 – a result of the late hot season, which ripened the grapes nicely, reaching excellent and robust health by harvest time.

The pairing lunch was held in a penthouse in W Residences, Sentosa, and guests included media folks, TV and creative personalities, and Olivier Krug, Director of the House of Krug and the sixth generation of the family. To hear him tell it (he’s a born racounteur), Krug doesn’t just match well with food, its harmonious notes also go beautifully with music.

Krug champagne

Baritone Gregory Porter is known for his technical mastery and emotional generosity.

“When I think of who Krug Lovers are,” says Krug, “I see that they are independent people, with unique personalities and strong self-confidence. They are lovers of contrast and paradox, seeking enjoyment. They want an unforgettable experience, pleasure beyond perfection.” He introduced us to Krug’s music-pairing partnership with jazz singer Gregory Porter, also a #KrugLover.

“Krug Champagne conveys its own emotions, like music,” Porter had said. “Upon tasting Krug Grande Cuvée and Krug 2002, two things happened: one in my brain and one in my heart. Different notes came to my tongue, notes that were like colours, and emotions.”

krug champagne menu The food was prepared by Jaan; the restaurant was closed for this event.

And so to the Krug 2002: An Ode to Nature, here’s what you need to know:

• The wine was matured for 13 years in the House’s cellars to achieve its generous flavours

• Krug is the last among all the Champagne houses to introduce its 2002 Vintage

• It pairs well with seafood because of its freshness, tenacity and citrus notes

• Like a great partner (one who, you know, accepts you as you are), Krug 2002 is one to keep.

• For me, the champagne is rich, intense, immensely fruity, fresh, and is a distinctly charismatic bubbly. It’s really one of the brand’s best ever, they have created a champagne that never existed, to put it poetically. (Read more about the notes here).

• Oh, and don’t drink your champagne (any champagne) out of those little party flutes. Krug makes its own glass, called The Joseph, and it releases the aromas better.

Krug champagne

You Krug story has an epilogue: Enter the Krug iD – the six digits printed on the back label of every bottle – on the web or via the Krug App, to let your experience go further. In addition to Krug Music Pairings, there is additional information, from cellar master Eric Lebel’s impressions of the harvest challenges of the year, to food pairing ideas, and recommendations for optimum storage and serving.

So what’s your story?

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