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[LONG PLAY IS CLOSED FOR GOOD] LongPlay is dedicated to pleasing a few of your senses, most notably your auditory ones, with its superb turntables, speakers and collection of classic vinyls. Oh yeah, they do serve a few cocktails as well.

By Natasha Sivanandan

In an age where our music is not only ultra-portable but also can be bought almost instantaneously, interest towards vinyl records has declined… or has it? A new bar charmingly named after the common vinyl format “Long Play” has been established in Arab Street. At first, its unassuming exterior led me to accidentally pass it twice, but upon finding it I was rewarded with a lively atmosphere inside.

With an interior decorated in what might be described as retro-industrial and with a space that can hold approximately 50 people in total, I realised this was not going to be just another bar. Furnished with small lounges divided by curtains on the left and couple vanity tables on the right LongPlay assists its guests to easily relax with a drink always in hand – and listen to its music. Did I mention, they only play vinyl?

LongPlay is a dedicated provider of vinyl-only music with a library of over 3,000 records, encompassing the illustrious years of the 1950s & 1970s. For audiophiles and vinyl aficionados, LongPlay – as to be expected – is equipped with state of the art sound systems: turntables from Wilson Benesch that deliver impressively rich yet neutral sonic performance; award-winning amplifiers from Jadis providing superb smoothness: and highly accurate wide-dispersion speakers from ATC that bring out the best of vinyl music.

But of course LongPlay provides something for everyone. With its open-concept bar and kitchen, one is able to hang with the bartenders and staff and, after getting set-up with a few drinks and finding a comfy spot, one will be captivated by what some may deem as the real deal when it comes to sound and music. Overall, its cozy and chill atmosphere allowed us to fully engage in the “old school movement and new school vibe,” – as described by the owner Loh Lik Peng .

LongPlay not only administers pure sound, but it also mixes a few notable cocktails that pay due respect to the legends and iconic tracks from the past. The Marlon Brando really makes “an offer you cannot refuse” as it is a concoction of cognac, Stella Artois reduction, maple syrup and a squeeze of citrus and is – like revenge – best served cold. Other cocktails have subtle names like Hit the Road Jack and Rock Island Iced Tea – which take a twist on both drink and soundtrack.

Altogether LongPlay immerses its guests in what has become a very exclusive culture of vinyl appreciation and gives anyone the opportunity to respect a form of sound and music that has been described as both pure and nostalgic. Submerge yourself in transcendental-retro sound if not only to escape the noise of the 21st century for just a little while. Kicking it old school, as they say.

LongPlay, 33 Arab Street

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