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The Supper Club Will Run For Six Months, Featuring a Guest Bartender to Collaborate With Executive Chef Drew Nocente Each Month on One Selected Monday Evening (When S&H is Usually Closed). The First Three Months is Salted & Hung X Native.

Maybe you should book the Monday Underground Supper Club Series first before you continue reading. Trust us, it’s great, and for April 16 (and each subsequent month), there are only 12 seats total. It’s $150++ for a superb five-course collaboration (Salted & Hung X Native) – book here.

The supper club will run for six months, featuring a guest bartender to collaborate with executive chef Drew Nocente each month on one selected Monday evening (when S&H is usually closed). You sit by the open kitchen counter, and they whip up a hot meal and fresh cocktails for you. The first three months will feature Native, whose bartenders Vijay Mudaliar and Leon Tan will be present as well.

Barramundi in betel leaves & ginger flowers. Paired with Pink Gin (Paper Lantern Gin, foraged ginger, roselle vinegar and Thai coconut water).

All the best ideas come when you’re seated at the bar. When Nocente visited Mudaliar’s Native, they realised they were brothers in arms, and shared the same philosophy when it comes to local ingredients and flavours.

And thus was born a new vision to accentuate the significance of drink pairing with food, as well as highlight the versatility of ingredients used by both chef and bartender – while spotlighting and complementing each other’s trade.

Squid soaked in brine and cooked with sorrel and whey on a sourdough bread. (Otherwise you get the Lamb Neck Char Siew Flat Bread). Paired with Sourdough Cuts (Amrut Whisky, palm sugar, bread).

The menu will showcase a blend of both Salted & Hung’s and Native’s philosophies, presenting unique creations for the occasion. Look forward to dishes and cocktails scented with marsala, betel leaves, ginger flower, forged starfruits and other Southeast Asian ingredients.

Other highlights… well, everything’s a highlight. See the menu here. All that, for only $150++, and you get an all-round dining experience that stretches beyond Salted & Hung’s primary focus on food, now with drinks that hold the same quality and standard of cocktail bars.

Vanilla Panacotta with gula melaka and ruku masam (a sour-AF fruit). Paired with Yellow Buddha Palm, with yellow Buddha distillate, botanicals and foraged star gooseberries.

We ended the night on a sour high, and the martini cocktail definitely hit the right notes. You might be too late already.

To book, email info@saltedandhung.com.sg or call the restaurant tel: 6358-3130.

Salted & Hung, 12 Purvis Street.

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