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Renowned Barbadian Rum Maker Mount Gay Goes From Strength to Cask Strength.

Mount Gay XO Cask Strength is a special limited edition, commemorative version launched to celebrate 50 years of Bajan independence. It is now in Singapore, but only in an exclusive listing at Sugarhall.

The complex and robust blend was created by Master Blender Allen Smith, currently in his seventh year at Mount Gay distilleries, makers of the world’s oldest rum. International brand ambassador Miguel Smith, in town to introduce the XO Cask Strength to Singapore, revealed that though a legal deed confirms a “pot still house” existed in their sugar cane estate from 20th February 1703, they had already been producing rum in Barbados before that.

Only 3000 bottles of the coveted golden liquid is available worldwide. Rum connoisseurs in Singapore, however, would have to look outside the country to get their hands on a bottle; the rare spirit is only available in the country as 45ml drams at Sugarhall.

The original Mount Gay XO is an award-winning rum, considered by industry insiders to be the gold standard of sipping rums, but the XO Cask Strength is a different beast altogether, with a 63% ABV, the rarest of rare in Mount Gay’s portfoliio.

Each bottle comes in a stunning keepsake wooden box with a beautifully designed booklet that will take readers through the history of the rum’s inception in Barbados. A portion of the sales from every bottle sold goes to the Barbados Museum and Historical Society in support of its efforts in conserving the significant and inspiring history and culture of Barbados.

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