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8 Bartenders on Nailing That First Date. Hint: No Place That Has TV or Looks Dirty.

From Refinery29

By March Franklin

When’s the last time you sat down for dinner on a first date? Yeah, we can’t remember either. Chances are, if you’re single and living in New York City, your calendar is chock-full of drinks with the Big Apple’s running list of bachelors and bachelorettes. So, how do we really nail those first dates? We turned to our secret weapon to learn the tricks of the trade: the city’s coolest bartenders.

That’s right, bartenders aren’t there just to serve up a gin and tonic on a moment’s notice. In fact, they’re actually your best wingman. They’re also there to take a read on any two people sidled up to the bar, whether it’s a sparks-flying type of encounter or a sky’s-falling kind of meeting (because we’ve all been there).

To get the inside scoop on tab etiquette, the telltale signs of a successful date, and where to go (and what to order) for the best romantic rendezvous of your life, we consulted the bartenders at some of the city’s most beloved watering holes.

Not sure where to go? Choose a spot that’s nicer than your average Tuesday-night bar.

“[The perfect date bar is] kind of a blend of old and new: low lighting, candles on the bar, classic old woodwork. But, nowadays, the bar also needs to have a certain energy: not too in-your-face, but definitely feel-able. Oh, yeah, and clean. The bar you pick for a date says a lot about the environment you are accustomed to at home and in your everyday life. A sloppy, dirty bar means…well, you get the idea. And, pick one with no TVs! Your date is the reason you are there, not the game. The time to bond over sports is later.”
— Carlos Cruz, Sushi Samba

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