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This New Whisky and Cigar Lounge Is Just a LIttle Bit Out of The Way, But Well Worth It If You Make The Effort.

Another new whisky joint has opened, this time in Dempsey. So of all the whisky joints in all the towns in all the world, why would you walk into Room For More? And what’s with the name?

“At Room for More, the ethos is that there’s always room for the cultivation of more whisky lovers, that there’s always room for appreciating new expressions of whiskies and spirits,​” shares Beppe de Vito, restaurateur-chef of the ilLido Group (& Sons, Amo, Southbridge, Osteria Art).

Room for More - Whisky Cigar Lounge I

It looks stylish and welcoming at the entrance. The whisky and cigar lounge is operated by peeps who know a few things about hospitality. They know how to create a vibe that’s inviting and intimate, making full use of the large space in this colonial mansion (it’s above Atout, which supplies the bar bites).

So you’ve already made the effort to go, what’s in it for you?

room for more whisky

A nice selection of whiskies. At the moment there are 200+ bottles, but it’s a list that’s growing everyday. There are the known Japanese labels, as well as American bourbons, Scotch single malts and some surprises from France, India and Switzerland.

room for more whisky

You can take a short short flavour profle quiz and let the ‘algorithm’ pick your first drink. This is what I got, not sure if it’s entirely accurate, but one should, ahem, get into the spirit of these things. The Oban Montilla Fino 18 year old is a friendly $22++ per dram, $40++ per double drams, $370++ per bottle. A honeyed delight with butterscotch and jams to start off.

room for more whisky

The space, as mentioned, is split into two rooms, with the bar as the divider. The whisky lounge is a contemporary atelier setting with slick upbeat music, just the sort of thing to kick off a night. The look is created by Hjgher.

room for more whisky

More unconventional expressions to be found here include ​Mackmyra Vit Hund from Sweden, ​Slyrs Bavarian Single Malt from Germany, and ​Hammer Head 23 Years Old 1989 from Czechoslovakia, though I settled for a smoky Port Charlotte instead ($31++ per dram, $56++ per double drams, $790++ per bottle). The balcony overlooks Tanglin Road and a vast verdant expanse.

room for more whisky

The private cigar lounge is propelled by jazz numbers, and here you can buy some of the finest and rarest Cuban smokes, including H. Upmann​ ​(from $22), Partagas​ ​($52), Cohiba​ ​, and Ramón Allones​ ​($71). No cellblock leather couches here, this is sexier for sure.

room for more whisky

Once you’re outside the Orchard or Chinatown drinking belt, there’s nothing like this space for whiskies and cigars. Prices start at $10! for a 30ml ($18 for 30ml) but it does escalate very quickly and steeply. 

My Calvados Pays d’Auge 25 years from Lecompte Coffret was $33++ per dram, $60++ per double drams, $820++ per bottle, but the Ichiro’s Malt Mizunara Wood Reserve was $35++ per dram, $63++ per double drams, $620++ per bottle.

Happy Hour (Mondays to Thursdays, 3pm-7pm), on deals like the ​Yamazaki Distillery Reserve (from $18​ a shot) and ​Macallan 12 Years Old Double Cask (from $16 a shot).

Once you make it here to Dempsey, it’s likely you’ll settle and make room for a few more.

Room For More, 40C Harding Road, tel: 6877-6977. Open everyday, 3pm – 1am.

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