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15 Sep 2018 By

Salted & Hung’s Monday Underground Supper Club (Part II) Is Now Ready For Booking… Oops, You Might Already Be Too Late.

The second iteration of the Monday Underground Supper Club Series is here, and you’ve missed the September sess. It’s likely you will miss the Oct 8 and Nov 12 sessions as well – IF YOU DON’T BOOK NOW (info@saltedandhung.com.sg or call +65 6358-3130, the place only seats 12 punters).

Executive Chef Drew Nocente has collaborated with Dave Koh from Bar Stories, renown for cocktails created using kitchen techniques. The menu features seafood this time (David’s a big fishing fella, Drew is a recent convert) and is only $150++ for this many courses and five full cocktails (I counted more). 

There’s no better value-for-money four hands offer on any night, not just this limited Monday night series.

This is what kicks off the procession: Oysters, Fish & Chips, Grilled Abalone paired with edible Mojito and Pina Colada. It’s a power punch of umami and sea breeze.


The cocktails are all full portions, Dave doesn’t muck around. And you will get 5 unique pairings (plus some surprises, including a 7 rum blend).

The food comes at you fast and fastidious, you really get to experience Drew’s joyful cooking and Dave’s creative cocktails. And you will feel the heat (everyone sits by the counter, the restaurant is closed for this one thing).

Smoke Machine.

This is dessert.

I’ve kept this short so you can go chope quickly.




You’re still here?

Salted & Hung, 12 Purvis St, Singapore 188591


Bar Stories opened in 2010, and fronting the bar is owner and barman David Koh. There’s no menu at Bar Stories – just an intimate interaction between the guests and bartenders. Cocktails here are specifically made to guests’ desires and tastes with an emphasis on using ingredients and techniques commonly used in a kitchen.

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The Supper Club Will Run For Six Months, Featuring a Guest Bartender to Collaborate With Executive Chef Drew Nocente Each Month on One Selected Monday Evening (When S&H is Usually Closed). The First Three Months is Salted & Hung X Native.

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Forget alcohol pairing dinners. The relationship between food and drink is about to get waaaay more intimate.

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This cocktail parlour is named Gibson, after a classic drink of course, but also because the proprietors reckoned a Martini with an onion garnish is a great companion to oysters and seafood. Parched went to figure it out.

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