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28 Aug 2015 By

Somewhere in the Maldives is Subsix, the world’s first underwater nightclub that’s now revamped for exclusive weddings, decadent birthdays and private brunches and, let’s face it – the place to seal the deal.

Sub Six

This underwater bar/restaurant/club out in the Indian Ocean is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. To get to Subsix, you have to depart the Per Aquum Niyama resort in Maldives (below) via speedboat, skipping over the reef to its 500-metre offshore location.

Upon arrival, the underwater revellers descend a dramatic three-tier staircase. Overhead, Italian-designed abstract chandeliers illuminate the descent like shining coral or white stars sparkling through the sea’s surface.

Sub Six

Subsix is six metres below the waterline, but it feels like The Abyss. Here, the soft anemone fingers of bespoke chairs invite with their deliciously bizarre textured design. Above, thousands of strands of capiz shells drape from the entire expanse of the ceiling in a luxe ode to an undersea kelp forest. Over 90 coral reef species ply the waters, the dense marine life being attracted by the specially designed reef structures that integrate into the natural reef and enrich the habitat with surfaces for coral and hiding spots for the more reclusive denizens.
Among the many activities hosted by Subsix, marine biologist-led immersions into aquatic life give guests an expert’s insight into the rich environment and its secrets. Other highlighted activities in the restyled venue include subaquatic lunches, gourmet dinners, weddings, hosted events, wine tastings, a weekly Glow Party and DJ nights (we’re thinking… deep house?). 

Per Aquum Niyama resort

And when you’re done partying/dining, this is what greets you back on the island. You’re welcome.

More info at Per Aquum Niyama, Maldives




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