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Meet Baptiste Loiseau – La Maison Rémy Martin’s youngest cellar master to date, and find out why he doesn’t bring his mobile phone to tastings.

BAPTISTE LOISEAU may be La Maison Rémy Martin’s youngest cellar master to date, but when he speaks of the fine French Cognac’s heritage and opulence, an old world charm takes over. 



BAPTISTE LOISEAU, La Maison Rémy Martin’s youngest cellar master to date

We took a journey together, a discovery on the harvesting, distillation, eau-de-vie selection and ageing processes of Rémy Martin cognacs, via an immersive, accessible, and interactive experience. Around us, the golden spirit flowed, and to underscore the opulence – the theme of the day – we were surrounded by a vibrant array of rich dark chocolate, honey-buttery figs, orange marmalade, honey, walnuts, gingerbread, pistachio cakes, macarons, cinnamon sticks and fresh flowers – accentuating just how cognac should be savoured. 


We got a couple of questions answered. 

Parched: “As Cellar Master, when conducting tastings, what state of mind must one be in?”

Baptiste Loiseau: “every tasting requires absolute focus. we do it blind: in that we do not know the names of the growers. we never do it alone: there is usually 4-6 of us. and we do it without distractions: so no mobile phones for example…”   

Parched: “We already know what the easiest part of your job is… but what is the most difficult?”

Baptiste Loiseau: “unlike wine, we do not print the vintage on our labels. every year, across 29 cellars and 140,000 casks, since 1724, La Maison Rémy Martin puts out a consistently amazing product, which is opulent; a balance between intensity and elegance… so I would say the most difficult part of my job is to internalise the definition of the house-style, and maintain it, even though every year on year, ingredients and elements are not the same.”   





SUMPTUOUS DETAILS The new carafe reveals the hidden depths of Rémy Martin XO. Its contemporary and treasured design illustrates the profound elegance and startling luminosity of the blend. The wondrous ornamental gadroons motif, compliment the subtle sophistication and luminous exuberance of Rémy Martin XO. Each indentation, just like each eau-de-vie, contributes in creating a rich, sumptuous, finish equaling more than the sum of its parts. The very silhouette of the carafe mirrors the House philosophy. The pyramidal form resembles the most sought after terroirs of Cognac: Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne where the legend of Rémy Martin was born. The sides of the pyramid are reminiscent of the work of blending and the patience of maturing before the summit is reached there that very point at which Rémy Martin XO is savoured. The new look is a nod to the subtle sophistication, modernity and luminous exuberance of Rémy Martin XO.


TASTING NOTES: Rémy Martin XO makes the palate come alive with its generosity. The eyes are captivated by its harmonious intense amber hues hinting at a delectable taste, an exceptional smoothness and an understated aromatic strength. An explosion of fragrances delights the sense of smell – white flowers; fruits and spice give way to an outstanding sensory experience. Then, notes of fresh, ripe plum, mature fig and crystallised orange merge with a hint of cinnamon and freshly ground hazelnuts, with a note of woody tobacco. Rémy Martin XO establishes itself as smooth, full-bodied and long lasting.

The newly released Rémy Martin XO is available at the retail price of SGD388

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