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Whisky Butler is a fan club, service, curator and retail arm all in one, and they’re here to help you taste and learn more about whiskies – one sample box at a time.

I like whisky, you like whisky, we all like whisky, the only problem with that affirmation is there’s so much good stuff out there – brands you don’t know about, bottlings you’ve never heard of – that you may never get to experience them all. Which is where Whisky Butler come in.

It’s a simple concept: join as a member ($88 per month, less for a yearly stake) and every month they’ll send you four whisky drams to drink. The samples are 20cl each and come in a handsome box. (Hotel miniatures are 50cl each, by comparison). The samples are themed, one month it’s independent bottlings from Cadenhead, another it’s country specific, or it could be brand verticals.

Whisky Butler

Whisky Butler was co-founded by certified whisky ambassador Benjamin Tan (pictured right) and a few of his friends, with the aim of bringing dram dreams to aficionados without breaking the bank. In addition to the mail order service, they also conduct tasting classes, blending workshops, and pairing dinners.

Whisky Butler Cadenhead

Parched’s first sample was a Cadenhead selection.

“We want to let beginners and enthusiasts have the opportunity to try more whiskies, and to learn about their heritage,” he says. “The more we drink, the more we know, the more rewarding the experience of whisky becomes.”

So whether you’re a black belt-level whisky expert, or just a neophyte, there’s a whisky in their collection that you probably haven’t tried. And really, who doesn’t like receiving gifts in their mailboxes?

Sigh up at Whisky Butler

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