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26 Jun 2019 By

I Had Some Thoughts During The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019 Ceremony…

Marina Bay Sands.
25 Jun, 2019.
I had some thoughts during the awards ceremony.

– Hmm…it’s not an Asian host.
– She’s never eaten in Singapore.
– She’s reading off a script. “Prata” she said.  Colour me surprised, the Oz host had prata at Tanjong Beach Club – a beach joint really known for their Indian street food.
– I can’t wait for a European restaurant to win this year. 
– MBS brought all their big guns for this awards – the restaurants and bars and those circus acrobats – so kudos to them.
– I’ve been to the previous Noma (now known as “Classic Coke”). Not the “new” Noma. Hope they win or place high. [Of course they will.]
– Recently went to ZEN in Singapore. Wonder where they’ll be placed…51?
– For all our food culture and vaunted places to makan in Singapore, only Burnt Ends was in the “after 50” list. And we all hate the service there.
– Very Euro-centric. Best African resto only made #44.
– #40 is a “Thai- Japanese- Chinese-influenced cuisine” restaurant…in Berlin!
– Show is so so scripted. Who is this woman?!
– Oh Odette, Odette. Wherefore art thou Odette?
– First patronising award of the night: World’s Best Female Chef 2019. Kudos to her.
– Daniela Soto-Innes is lovely though. Great speech. 
– Next year… Best left handed sous chef who reads Orwell? Let me present it!
– I am amazed Lichtenstein is not repped. Must be a PR issue.
– South America represent. More awards for them. #26.
– Halfway.  #25 is some French place.  Paris of course. Not mentioning names cos…the list is out there.
– #22 Narisawa is Japan’s first award.  Wah not ramen or custard puff. Amazed.
– So far no new Noma or Gaggan…hmm
– Chef’s Choice Award goes to a white male chef!!! Woot! Woot!
– Twins Garden from Moscow is #19.
– Odette is #18.  Think that’s it for Singapore right? Best in Singapore…
– The highest climber for #14 is known for sustainability…From Spain. Not Everest.
– There’s a White Rabbit from Russia?! Putin on the ritz.
– The stage is not very grammable.
– Wait. Where is Chef Andre’s new thing?
– Den in Tokyo wins for hospitality. Gotta test them…by asking if they’d cook their chihuahuas.
– Jose Andres – the voice of inclusion. Respect. “The Awards…plant the seed of hope that one day you might make it too.”
– Sushi restaurant wins! #10. Oh, it’s from Peru. So no actual sushi joint from Japan has won.

– Anthony Bourdain gets some love, but applause is strangely muted.
– Mugaritz from San Sebastian is #7. Wanna go but is a long pilgrimage.
– No Cuban restaurant in top 100 btw.
– If Geranium from Copenhagen is top 5, then my Noma… how?
– Best in Asia #5. Not Singapore. The host actually said, “Instagrammable food”. That’s where we are as a species.
– Noma is #2. New but old. Old but new. This I can deal.
– The format means we know who One is – friends take care of friends – by the process of elimination it’s a bit anticlimactic because #sponsor. Mirazur from Menton, France. Congrats.

– I need a drink.

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