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Eat Here as Well: The Zas From Anthony “Pizza Czar” Falco Are Damn Persuasive, But Definitely Pour Down Some Cocktails From the Bar.

I suppose you can start with a Pinot Grigio on tap. That’s right, a fresh white wine can be served without fuss the moment you walk into this bar/restaurant. And far as I can tell, it’s the only restaurant in Singapore with PG on tap. Brilliante, as the Italians say. I’m already loving the vibe here: European with mid-century Italian sensibilities. It only opened on 3 Jan, 2022, so you can still get a whiff of their new Modernist furniture.

Then it was straight to the Venetian Spritz and pizza orders. When in Milano, do as the menu says and order their pizzas, or so the famous saying goes.

Spritz Milano Pizza & Wine

There is a long list of delectable Neo-Neapolitan pizzas to order from: Potato & Caviar, Lobster Bisque (yes!), Dashi & Onsen Egg, Beef Cheek Bolognaise.

Milano Pizza & Wine

Their pizza dough consists of Australian Organic Stoneground Wheat Flour, Italian Pizza Flour and a sourdough starter.  The dough is allowed a 24-hour natural fermentation, which results in a pie that holds and folds.

“By not allowing for an overdeveloped crust, we maintain more surface area for our elevated toppings, and are able to achieve a firm base with a slight chew. We feel like we’ve developed the perfect mouth-feel and flavour combinations,” says Joshua Schwartz, owner of SJS Group (which also owns Burrata Bar, Pasta Bar, Papi’s Tacos).

Italian Margarita Milano Pizza & Wine

This is the Italian Margarita. I challenged bartender Kai to make a cocktail with limoncello, and he came up with this winner:

Tequila + Limoncello + Fresh lime juice + lime wheel garnish

This is competition-level stuff, I was impressed with the balance, acidity and freshness.

Dirty Martini Milano Pizza & Wine

I had to. The signature Dirty Martini is ordered and it’s another solid cocktail off the menu. So far, I’ve been impressed by the cocktails, it’s classics but made with top-shelf spirits. Ask for the Negroni as well.

Milano Pizza & Wine

Their wine program includes a healthy selection of biodynamic and natural wines, with a focus on Italy. A diverse range of indigenous grapes from regional Italy reflect the nuances of the change in terroir from north to south.

[ Here’s Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Barbera Wines, But Was Afraid to Asti. ]

Spicy Honey & Soppressata Sicilian Grandma

You know Italians and their grandmas. So you gotta respect the Sicilian Grandma Pizza here as well. This is way old skool, as the dough is labouriously rested, folded and rested again over 24 hours, allowing a seemingly thick pie to retain its light, airy, and “honeycombed” texture. The 6”-square, two-inch deep pie is like a deep dish, but with a lighter, airier texture. Just like how grandma makes it, capisce? This style of pizza is, we are told, “currently trending around the world with expert pizzaiolos”.

The exquisite taste and yielding textures means Imma have to agree with the pizzalolos (are they somms but for pizzas?).

And the best thing about all their pizzas is that you won’t feel bloated after indulging — good news for punters who are gluten-intolerant.

Verdict: I’ve already gone back with mates for a second meal. Love the pizzas, love the cocktails. Go, and buon appetito!

Milano Pizza & Wine, 10 Craig Road.


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