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10 Oct 2018 By

5 Things You Probably Definitely Maybe Didn’t Know ‘Bout Don Melchor.

1 You like numbers? The Don Melchor estate has released 29 vintages to date – nine have been in the top 100 on Wine Spectator. (The first vintage was in 1987.)


2 Don Melchor is Chile’s most highly prized Cabernet Sauvignon. The 2015 is considered the best expression to date (highly recommended).

3 The vineyard is 650m above sea level in the Alto Maipo Valley. This, and its Puente Alto terroir, makes it ideal for the production of rich cab savs.

Don Melchor 2015

4 Chile has a relatively disproportionately large number of female winemakers, and Isabel Mitarakis is Don Melchor’s magician, in charge of making its world-class wines.

5 The entire vineyard is planted on its own roots, and not grafted; it averages 30 years old.

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