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08 May 2018 By

9 Spirits, Wines (And Other Stuff) We Really Liked at ProWine Asia 2018.

ProWine Asia 2018 came and went, and left a trail of discussion. First off, some numbers:

7,200: Trade visitors over four days.

40%: From the SEA region.

300/33: Companies/Countries.

18: Masterclasses (over 1,000 sign-ups)

By most accounts the event was a success. Various spirits and wine companies reported distribution deals being clinched, both in Singapore and the region. And many other reps say that Prowine Asia (Singapore) is the gateway to the Southeast Asia, plus Australia.

And while we were busy sampling and taking stock, we also made notes and this is our impression.


singapore Prowine Asia

Photo © Joel Lim Spirited Singapore

Singapore represent. Besides the more ubiquitous Brewlander & Co craft beers, it was good to see smaller local outfit Rachelle The Rabbit Meadery make an appearance. If you haven’t tried it, these peeps are making old tradition meads with a modern twist.


croatia prowine asia

The Croatian section was pretty impressive for a few reasons: It was their first time in Singapore, and they built a fully realised pop-up with a schmoozing area (charcuterie platter, natch), two bartop counters, and two full shelves of wines, spirits and fizzy pop. We like the Dalmacijavino Herb Brandy Travarica, a native aperitif that’s herbaceous (made from sage and fennel). Note to self: Visit the Adriatic region soon.


Japanese whisky ProWine Asia

Nobushi: A Japanese whiskey that isn’t over-priced yet. This is a blended quaff made from whiskies from the Nagano and Miyagi prefectures.


Romanian Wine ProWine

Photo © Joel Lim Spirited Singapore

From Transylvania we had Romanian wines, and they also brought along – presumably in a large dark wine crate – you know who. We wanted a bottle of wine, he wanted something else. Quid pro quo we say!

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champagne lounge ProWine asia 2018

Photo © Joel Lim Spirited Singapore

The Champagne Lounge was an inspired idea, as it was only occupied by boutique brands. The 18 champagne houses were all new to us, and were all looking to make inroads into Asia. Some of the brands we loved were Champagne Forget-Brimont and A.Bergère.


penderyn prowine asia

Photo © Highest Spirits

The words ‘Welsh whisky’ just rolls off the tongue, the dram just flows right in. Penderyn Distillery produces award-winning single malt whiskies in the foothills of the magnificent Brecon Beacons in South Wales. They also create special limited-edition Icons of Wales, honoring Dylan Thomas, and the greatest try in that 1973 rugby match in Cardiff. We’re angling for the Ryan Giggs tribute.


padre azul prowine asia

Photo © Highest Spirit

First time exhibitor Padre Azul – the first Austrian company to produce Tequila – signed three contracts on-site to distribute the Mexican tequila in Australia, Indonesia, and Singapore. The bottle is an absolute belleza, as is the liquid within.


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Chianti masterclass ProWine Asia

Photo © Joel Lim Spirited Singapore

The Chianti Masterclass was most enlightening, as was the sampling. In fact, the Italian Chianti centrepiece in the middle of the hall was the wine highlight for us.


hafner prowine asia

Maybe things did get a bit wonky near the end of the four-day siege, but if anything our Austrian wine masterclass taught us, was that most of their varietals will surprise and delight you. In particular, we loved Hafner, a winery in the quaint town of Moenchhof. They’re the first producers of Austria’s ice wine, and also the world’s first kosher ice wine. Definitely hope to see them again soon.

Prowine Asia (Singapore) will happen again in 2020, 31 Mar – 3 Apr.

ProWein World Series:

The sixth edition of ProWine China in Shanghai, will be held later this year, from 13 to 15 November 2018

The next ProWein in Dusseldorf will take place from 17 to 19 March 2019

ProWine Asia (Hong Kong) @HOFEX will take place from 7 to 10 May 2019

This article has been brought to you in partnership with ProWine Asia.

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