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22 Apr 2021 By

An Exclusive Night Of Nostalgia Beckons With Two Very Special Guest Shifts

Some of you might be surprised to learn that just a hop and a skip away from the raucous Golden Mile sits one of Singapore’s latest sophisticated cocktail bars that’s equal parts intimate and glamorous. Club 5, once an iconic ballroom dance destination for a good 35 years, has been reinvented into a sexy hotel lounge, where Head Bartender Ong Jun Han holds court with his innovative, locally-inspired cocktails.



The luscious space, full of elegant marble, brushed brass, plush velvet and smoked mirrors, is the work of award-winning Singapore-based designer Emma Maxwell. Once you step into the bar, you’re enveloped in sumptuous blue and warm Art Deco-style lighting. Try to snag a seat at the bar, where you can watch Jun Han work his magic.

Travel through the neighbourhood with his cleverly curated cocktail program, from Beach Road down to Arab Street. A crowd favourite, us included, is the signature Nasi Lema’rgarita ($20) which features the house-made Coconut Tequila shaken together with pandan syrup (infused with chilli padi), lime juice, dry curaçao and cucumber. It even comes with its own bar snack: ikan bilis & peanuts. “I love experimenting and incoporating local flavours as it adds a touch of home and gives deep meaning to each drink,” smiled Jun Han.



On 28 April, for one night only, the stars will align to reunite Sam Wong (Kizuna) and Edwin Poh (Matusalemn Brand Ambassador) with fellow Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall alumni Jun Han as part of their Guest Bartender Night series. Edwin takes the adventurous route with his creations, with egg yolk in his breakfast-inspired Morning Kaya Roti Set (above, right). Jura 12, Kahlua, pandan syrup, coconut cream – it’s a deliciously creamy concoction that’ll be served with actual toast. My favourite, though, has got to be the shockingly yummy Rojak-Rojak, which mixes in actual shrimp paste with Nordes gin, pineapple shrub, tamarind syrup, lime juice and ginger flower. Far from being weird, the petis udang adds an unexpected and exciting depth that you’ll just have to taste for yourself.



Sam, inspired by The Great Gatsby, does more classic-style drinks. Add sparkle to the night with Shine Bright Like A Diamond, a French 75-inspired tipple with a Japanese twist. Nordes gin, yuzu juice, simple syrup and prosecco. For something stronger, try Kopi Bon Hon, a Manhattan with Jura 12, coffee vermouth, black walnut and bitters.


2 seatings are available: 6pm to 730pm & 8pm to 930pm, but don’t worry if you miss the date – the drinks will remain on the menu from 29 April to 6 May 2021.

For reservations or enquiries, please call +65 6505 5666 or email club5.prsin@parkroyalhotels.com.


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