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20 Mar 2021 By

Ouah! Travel Restrictions To France Have Finally Eased. But For Those Of Us Who Still Can’t Travel, You Can Still Enjoy A Parisien Afternoon At French Fold.

The Merci Marcel Group have consistently come up with chic yet casual French eateries, and 6-month-old creperie French Fold is no different. J’adore the artsy but not pretentiously so space designed by Takenouchi Webb, particularly the airy light well where the lush Isidore Leroy wallpaper/mural holds court.


Unsurprisingly, the true stars of the show are its crêpes (sweet, made of wheat flour) and galettes (savoury, made of buckwheat flour). The list is fairly extensive – 22 total at last count – so you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you ask me though, you can’t go wrong with the #5 (Chorizo, egg & Comté cheese) – classic with a twist.


Those blessed with heartier appetites, look no further than #7 (French pork sausage, onion confit marinated in cider & old style mustard cream). The sausage is tender and well-spiced, whilst the onion adds sweetness. Plop on a side salad for a more balanced meal.


But no French meal is complete without libations, and a cider is the traditional pairing. French Fold’s range of organic ciders come from Fils de Pomme, a modern award-winning cider maker from Normandy. I’m partial to the lightly-effervescent Brut Rose. But why be bound by convention when so many possibilities abound?


Not only is there a comprehensive list of organic French wines, they’ve also collaborated with Proof & Company to stir up some inventive yet elegant cocktails. Take Cider 75 for example, Widges dry gin softened with organic cider, then topped with lime, sage and sugar syrup. If that sounds refreshing, that’s because it is. Or kick it up a notch with the very heady Kopi Cognac (Decroix organic cognac, Fair Cafe liqueur & organic cider). Sip with caution because it’s delicious and oh-so-smooth that you just might forget how strong it is.

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