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One Negroni, Two Negronii, Three negroniii, Fourth Floor! We Speak With Knut Randhem, Founder of FungKee Hotdogs, About Hot Buns and Naughty Cocktails.

Hotdogs & Negronis. Perhaps this century’s best-wurst pairing ever!!!


SINGAPORE – Welcome to tomorrow’s yesterday. The year is 2018, and it looks like gentrification might have finally met a time-machine.

A hotdog bar has landed at Orchard Towers. We repeat. A hotdog bar has landed at Orchard Towers. ~ the neon-lit run-down building in the belly-button of uptown Singapore; a place unaffectionately dubbed by locals as the “Four Floors (of Whores)…” where red lights meet dark tales, bright manicures bounce off sparkly shoes, sharp perfume meets soft silicone, weak resolve meets strong techno, and dusk meets dawn. Here, prostitutes openly ply their trade, so yeah, we expect to find sex shops, girlie bars, and the (usual) “lost” tourist. But a hotdog shop that makes killer negronis?!?! say whhhhhaaaat? That’s the last thing we expected to find.

(We never thought we would ever get to type the following sentence but here it is:)


Danish-inspired – and from the looks of it, acid-laced, and oriental at heart – this “fungkee” shop offers three hotdog options, Classic | Swiss | Vegan.  but the highlight (for us at least) is that they serve beer, champagne, and killer negronis too!

Fung Kee Hotdogs is located at 400 Orchard Road, #04-23 Orchard Towers, Singapore 238875. Open 6pm – late daily

Upon investigation, the killer negronis become less of a mystery, and more of a story. It turns out the concept-turned-reality is a long-time dream of Sweden-born, Denmark-raised, and now Singapore-based bartender-turned- (wait for it) bartentrepreneur, Knut Randhem.

We sat him down and played 3 questions, and he told us all about his #hotdogsanddreams

Parched: Why a Danish-inspired hotdog shop?
Knut: I’ve been missing quality hotdogs in Singapore. Since my years in Denmark I’ve always been used to having a pit stop at the hotdog stand while out and about with friends. Then I discovered a lot of fellow Scandinavians thought the same.

Parched: What’s your secret to making such killer negronis?
Knut: Keep it simple, no need to add anything extra. Just quality gin and the right vermouth to balance the Campari. You don’t need to pick the most premium products, only the ones that accompany each other well. Then I think serving it on good ice is also key to the right temperature and dilution rate.

Parched: What’s next?
Knut: With fungkee hotdogs… I’ve always thought this is a concept for many occasions. So don’t be surprised if there’s another Fung Kee coming soon… Meanwhile we are going to be doing some pop-up events over the holiday season and during various festivals and events, so look out, Singapore!

As for my career… When I stated my own company (Pro Hospitality) My idea was to do many different things, I’m a restless person always coming up whit new ideas. Pro Hospitality also offers spirits consultancy, management consultancy, and in the future, import of specialty products.
But there’s also always been a dream of mine that is to open a Scandinavian restaurant here in Singapore, focusing on traditional Scandinavian foods, merged with the modern clean Scandinavian looks and design.

But one thing at a time, Fung Kee is still in its opening stage so right now all our focus is on delivering the best late night hotdogs in Singapore.

About Knut

Swedish born Knut Randhem started his career in FnB behind bars in Copenhagen, where he worked at some of the bests bars in Scandinavia. After 8 years In Denmark’s capitol he was headhunted to open CÉ LA VI (Back then Ku De Ta) in Bangkok, and was later promoted to group Bar Manager. He relocated to Singapore and was responsible for the all bars in the company, across Bangkok, Singapore, St Tropez, etc. His accomplishments included the opening of the Hong Kong outlet. After 4 years with the company, Knut joined Dictador spirits in 2016 and was responsible for Southeast Asia, including launching its products in Taiwan, Philippines and Indonesia. But missing the action working in operations, Knut joined the opening team at Butcher Boy where he developed the bar program and beverage offerings to match its concept.

Since July 2018 Knut operates his own company, Pro Hospitality, a company dedicated to offering unique products and concepts to the singapore FnB scene, with Fung Kee Hotdogs as its very first own outlet.


Fung Kee Hotdogs is located at 400 Orchard Road, #04-23 Orchard Towers, Singapore 238875. Open 6pm – late daily.


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