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29 Apr 2021 By

Monkey Shoulder Has Set Up Camp At Asia’s Best Bar, Jigger & Pony, With Its Latest Whisky. Expect Smokey Monkey Cocktails And Snacks Inspired By The Great Outdoors!

There’s a new Monkey Shoulder in town, and we’re bananas for it. Smokey Monkey, a peatier twist on the classic made-for-mixing malt whisky, has been a long-awaited item on bartenders’ wish lists, and finally, Singapore is 3rd in the world (after the UK and France) to receive it.



Although it’s created for cocktails, we actually really like it on its own. The dry peaty notes blend beautifully with the creamy sweetness and spice, but isn’t too smoky for those who prefer more balance. Unfortunately, we can’t really buy bottles for private consumption at the moment; Smokey Monkey is only available exclusively in selected on-trade locations.



Until 2 May, award-winning bar Jigger & Pony is playing host to Camp Smokey, a summer camp-inspired pop-up featuring 3 special Smokey Monkey cocktails and 2 snack pairings including the super delicious The S’more, The Merrier, a deconstruction of the camp classic featuring brownies, biscoff and torched marshmallow. It’s a perfect pairing with Smoked Bananas, inspired by head bartender Silvio Daniele’s camping adventures. Smokey Monkey with banana puree, chocolate liqueur, cream and marshmallow – decadence!



Gather your camping buddies around the campfire (yes, there’s an actual faux fire) to earn your badges – for every special cocktail you order, you’ll receive a limited edition embroidered patch (see above)! What’s more, Monkey Shoulder’s Regional Brand Ambassador Samuel Ng will be joining Silvio on a special guest-shift on 2 May.


You’ll also find unique Smokey Monkey cocktails at partner bars including Lime House, Fat Prince, Garibaldi, Horse’s Mouth, Straits Clan, Jekyll & Hyde, Lumo, Roxy, Revamp Feather Blade, Shin Gi Tai, Skai @ Swissotel, Slate, VUE, CÉ LA VI, Mr Stork, Skinny’s Lounge, The Other Room, Moonstone, OverEasy, Set of Six and Burger & Lobster.

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