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19 Oct 2022 By

Nemesis — a New Drinking Spot on Duxton Hill — Brings Unexpected Delights and is Worth The Trek.

Nemesis at Duxton Hill looks pretty unassuming from the exterior; you can’t quite see inside and the signage is oh so subtle.  But when your bartenders are a couple of ex-Atlas Bar staff, you know the bar means business, and I was sure I would be in pretty good hands. 



Lush Life is about the closest you’ll get to a fancy martini in their signatures menu. Caviar obviously lends a bit more elegance to the most august of cocktails, and its salinity is both fun and flavourful. If you have to elevate a classic, this is the way to go.

mushroom negroni

Root Roy is a Rob Roy variation (naturally) that somehow makes beetroot work — which ain’t easy. But they managed to elicit its earthy goodness, and what we  have is a grounded, spirit-forward winner. 

Nemesis Root Roy

The team likes seasonal fruits and herbs, and Wildside is a fruity sour with hints of smoke and sweetness.


Caroline is the prettiest girl at the prom, she smells good and brings a winning zestiness to everyone she meets. We’ll leave the tasty jokes aside.

Up the hill, there are craft beer joints and wine parlours, but this modest bar deserves your attention for the craft they bring and the regard to details — the garnishes, especially.

Now make like a soldier and take on that hill.

Nemesis Bar. 37 Duxton Hill. T: 8028-3697


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