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Gadgets, Spirits, Books and Advent Calendars — All Your Festive Needs and Gifts Sorted.

Just in time for your year-end soirees.


Santus Adante Smart Wine Dispenser

We don’t usually have problems putting away a bottle of wine, but sometimes when you crack open the premium quaff, you kinda want to savour it and let it last. This is where the SANTUS Andante joins the party. The gizmo utilises state-of-the-art patented oxygen absorption technology for wine preservation to keep your wine fresh after uncorking for up to 14 days. The name Andante has Italian and Latin origins, meaning moderately slow tempo typically in musical pieces, and the product was conceptualised  to preserve the taste and freshness of your Petrus, yet be a centrepiece of conversation in every space it occupies…if the Petrus wasn’t already.

Between 1-31 December 2022, the SANTUs Andante Uno Pro will retail at S$1,288.00 and the promotion comes with:

● Complimentary one (1) bottle of 2017 Barolo (worth S$128.00) OR

● Complimentary Andante accessory pack of 2 (worth S$88.00)

● Complimentary delivery (Singapore islandwide)

● One (1) year international warranty

● Additional 15% discount off selected wines

Get it here: https://mysantus.com/ 


Coravin Pivot Wine Preservation System

Coravin Pivot Black

You should be familiar with the magic of the Coravin system now: Open a bottle of wine, replace the cork or screw cap with the stopper, insert the Coravin device through the stopper, then pour the wine out while pressing a button that releases 100% pure Argon gas to replace the poured wine. Voila, the wine is preserved in freshly-opened condition for up to 4 weeks.

For frequent wine drinkers, the new system combines a universal-fit Pivot Stopper and Pivot Device, together with Coravin Pure Argon Capsules to pour single glasses of your favourite wines

The Coravin Pivot Wine Preservation System is S$215, or opt for the Coravin x 1855 Festive Bundle at S$325, as it includes a bottle of *Le Ragose Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico Riserva DOCG 2011. Both are available across all 1855 The Bottle Shop retail fronts or online here.


Smoke & Mirrors Cocktail Gift Box

Smoke & Mirrors Gift Box_Moment

Gift someone this set of five ready-to-drink cocktails from Smoke & Mirrors’ The Real Art of Drinking Volume II menu and you’ll have a mate for life. The set (S$138) includes the Lacquer-tini, Light & Shadow, Lion Heart (a peppery-spiced floral blend drawing muses from the dying art of lion dancing), the aromatic Magic Queen, and the complex variation of an Old Fashioned served through The Manhattan Project. The interactive digital QR codes on the bottles provide more details about the cocktail’s creation. Each bottle is 500ml and has a shelf life of one year.

S$138 from Smoke & Mirrors


Rockpool Small Batch Rum

Rockpool Rum

This modern rum swims in the market between the lighter Spanish rums and the dark rich island rums — and it’s approachable and quaffable. This mix of 3-5 year old Barbados and Dominican Republic rums is masterfully blended and bottled in the Netherlands and shipped here. (Fun fact: Rockpool is created and marketed by a group in Singapore.)

The small batch works well in cocktails as it has some backbone and isn’t overpowering, and you might delight in its citrusy, vanilla and dried fruit flavours. For added festive flair, each bottle purchased for the holidays will come gift wrapped for just $3 more.

S$95. Buy two and get a free Rockpool towel. Get it at Rockpool Rum


The Gràn Collection x Lucaris Crystal

GRAN whisky glasses

Most whisky glasses launched have one thing in common—there’s a single glass intended for all styles of whisky. The award-winning Gràn Collection x Lucaris Crystal takes whisky appreciation to the next level with four different styles of glasses, each made with hand-blown, lead-free crystal.

Gràn is the Gaelic word for grain, and grain was a key inspiration in the development of this collection. Designer collaborator Matthew Fergusson-Stewart and the team from Lucaris Crystal have taken the approach that “there is great diversity in the flavours and aromas of whiskies, so a single glass may not be perfect for all whiskies”. Hence, four glasses:

The Classic: intended for more balanced whiskies including blends and many Highland style whiskies. This glass has a classic tulip shape common to many whisky glasses, bringing elegance and great expression of aroma generally.

The Delicate: intended for more delicate whiskies, particularly Irish whiskey, Lowland and some Speyside style whiskies. The angled rim makes it easier to appreciate delicate fruity, grassy and floral notes.

The Sherried: intended for rich, sherry cask whiskies. The wider bowl allows interaction with air to help express more rich oak, plum and chocolate.

The Peated: intended for peated whiskies, such as the Islay style. The narrower rim expresses more of the deeper, earthy phenols. 

Fun Facts:

  • The glasses are stemmed to enable better appreciation of colour and shine, and to keep fingerprints off the bowl.
  • There’s a dimple in the bottom centre of each glass, so the interior of the glass is shaped like a grain of barley.

 Get it from drink@spunspirits.com


Christmas With Janice Wong

Janice Wong Box Of 25 Advent Box

The home-grown confectionary brand introduces the new Bean to Bar Advent Calendar (S$98), featuring 12 different Pure Imagination single-origin chocolate bars. But what we really want is the Box of 25 Advent Calendar (above, S$107) containing 25 pieces of chocolate Bon Bons in an assortment of festive flavours from the ChristmasSignature Singapore Series and Classic collections.

Get it at Janice Wong


Jim Beam Highball Making KitJim Beam HighballThe Jim Beam Highball festive kit is only available at the Jim Beam Pop-up Bar during their week-long event, Let’s Fizz at Paya Lebar Quarters (PLQ). The set is perfect for any alcohol lover and is priced at $50; it includes a bottle of Jim Beam, speed-pourer and event-exclusive sticker pack along with customisation and delivery options.


Strong Zero

strong zero

Strong Zero is back to fest up your Christmas, this time in two new seasonal flavours: White Grape, a delightfully refreshing taste that brings out the tartness and subtle sweetness of ripe green grapes and Apple Double, which celebrates the delicious burst of flavour from a bite of juicy red apple — both have 9% alcohol content and zero added sugar. These ready-to-go mixed drinks are traditionally made from Japanese shōchu and soda water, and trust us, they’re strong.

Strong Zero (from $6.90) is available at Don Don Donki, major supermarkets and convenience stores.


Japanese Whisky Tasting Set

Japanese Whisky Tasting Set

Wow your friends with the Japanese Whisky Tasting Set, perfect for anyone who wants to explore some of Japan’s finest malts, such as the Nikka Whisky from the Barrel, Hibiki Japanese Harmony and many more.

Set of 5 for S$89, order at EC Proof


The Rockies Glasses

rockies glass

While there’s nothing quite like taking a swig from a beat-up flask at the top of a mountain, it’s unrealistic to think we can experience that exact moment every Thursday at 7 pm. Thankfully, there’s Whiskey Peaks to help channel that same energy with a more “Don Draper” attitude. This collection consists of a handsome set of four handblown whiskey glasses made from premium lead-free glass. Featuring a raised topographic impression of some of the greatest, most majestic peaks in the world, Whiskey Peaks will keep you inspired and sippin’ “on the rocks” whenever 5 o’clock calls.

Set of 4 (US$65). Get it at Huckberry


Spirited: Cocktails From Around The World


The ultimate guide to cocktails for every home and host – a luxurious, fully-illustrated, global celebration of classic and cutting-edge cocktails, packed with fascinating historical detail as well as more than 600 fail-safe recipes

This definitive cocktail recipe book for the home bartender includes 610 cocktail recipes from 6 continents and 60 countries, with a historical span of more than 500 years. With most cocktails included only requiring three or four ingredients, there is something within its covers for every novice drink-maker and expert bartender alike.

$63. Get it at Book Depository


Like this? Get This Cocktail Book By Legend Dale Degroff

Like this? Spend Your $100,000 Bonus Here  

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