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08 Feb 2020 By

[CANCELLED] So This is Happening: Whisky Journey 2020

Here’s another new whisky event we want to welcome with open arms and empty snifters.


Hold up, aren’t there already a slew of these shindigs in Singapore?
Yes, there are, some are bigger, some mere pop-ups, but Whisky Journey 2020 hopes to hit the sweet spot to appeal to whisky novices, enthusiasts and aficionados.

So who’s behind it?
The organiser is The Whisky Store (purveyors of other such fine establishments like Quaich Bar, Copper, The Other Room). The event’s on 9 and 10 May at Suntec, ticketing details below.

And what’s different about it?
To be fair, it’s organised by a spirits distributor, and supported by a more than 40 brands, so it is a commercial enterprise. But we like what we’ve been privy to, that the event will really go to lengths to appeal to newbies, so there’s no intimidation factor. For hardcore fans, there will be releases of highly sought-after casks and elusive bottlings, and classes for all levels in between.
According to Matthew Stewart-Fergusson, Chief Marketing Officer of TSH Corp (the company behind the organisers): “There will be free tastings of most whiskies, and for the more exclusive ranges people can pay to sample; the prices will be reasonable. We don’t want a scenario where everyone is queueing to sample a 30-year-old whisky just because it’s rare.”

What else?
There will be:
1: A Whisky Cocktail Competition among bartenders to create the best whisky cocktail.
2: A rare bottle ballot.
3: Whisky Journey 2020 will also see the revival of a classic drink from pre-World War II, called the “Stengah”, with a range of activities planned around the half-whisky, half-soda tipple. (Language nerds, stengah means half-and-half.) So while the Japanese may own the Highball, the organisers want to make Stengah a thing for Singaporeans. We’ll see if we can concoct our own Parched Stengah as well.

4. There will be sensory experiences, innovative tastings and pairings, and exclusive masterclasses.

What else (part deux)?
Tickets are SG$25 and comes with a Glencairn glass to keep + $10 event credit.
That should pretty much seal the deal. There’s no need to be half-and-half assed about it, get your tickets pronto.

Whisky Journey 2020: Saturday 9 May, from 1pm to 10pm, and Sunday 10 May, from Noon to 9pm.
Where: Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, 1 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039593. 
Early Bird Pass at $25 until 31st March 
(Single day)
Usual Price: $30 (9 – 10 May)
– $10 event credit (up to 5 whiskies) 
– A Glencairn glass to keep 
– Access to exclusive whisky bargains 
Standard Pass at $28 until 30th April 
(Single day)
 Usual Price: $30 (9 – 10 May)
– $10 event credit (up to 5 whiskies) 
– A Glencairn glass to keep 
– Access to exclusive whisky bargains
Last Minute Pass at $30 until 10 May 
– $10 event credit (up to 5 whiskies) 
– A Glencairn glass to keep 
– Access to exclusive whisky bargains
All passes are available at http://whiskyjourney.com.sg/ and through Eventbrite.com 


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