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You’ll Never Guess Where This Award-Winning Whisky is From…


Timah Double Peated Blended Whiskey

(1871 – The Legend of Captain Speedy 1836-1911)

We applaud our neighbours up north for beating us to the spirits summit by producing a whisky before us, and an award-winning one at that — it’s called Timah, and the name inspired some lame cancel-culture reaction, and clever memes in response. Despite its recent controv (a non-issue as far as we’re concerned), we think it might just work as a friendly blend for cocktails and the occasional sip.

And what of its name? Timah means tin. According to Malaysian lore, Tristram Charles Sawyer “Captain Speedy” was a famous English explorer and adventurer during the Victorian era. In 1871, Capt Speedy (as Penang police superintendent) suppressed rival triads and restored order in the Larut district of Perak, Malaysia. This enabled the mining industry to continue its growth. Hero — a toast to the capt!


Silver medals in both the International Spirits Challenge 2020 (ISC) and the Annual San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020 (SFWSC).

Timah Whisky Malaysia

The whisky is made from a blend of imported peated whisky and neutral alcohol spirit from Malaysia. As a party piece it’ll go down easy, but it’s unlikely to conjure visions of Jura or Islay with every dram.

Here are some interesting cocktails you can make with this blend:


50ml Timah whiskey

25ml sweet vermouth

2-3 dashes aromatic bitters

Add all into a mixing glass and stir well until chilled. Strain into a chilled coupe. Garnish with a brandied cherry.


Timah Kopi

50ml Timah whiskey

50ml unsweetened whipped cream

1 cup brewed coffee

Brown sugar (pinch)

Add all (‘cept cream) into a mixing glass and stir well until chilled. Strain into a mason jar or any cool receptacle. Chocolate flakes and smiley face optional.


Tristram Shandy

Named after…Captain Speedy

50ml Timah whiskey

10ml pink lemonade

230ml pale ale

In a pilsner glass, add first Timah > then lemonade > then pale ale.

Garnish with a lemon wheel.


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