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23 Sep 2022 By

Auchentoshan Breaks New Terroir With Their Limited Edition Sauvignon Blanc-finished Expression

Turns out, I’d been mishearing the lyrics to Don McLean’s American Pie for the longest time. “Them good all boys were drinking whiskey & rye”, not whisky & wine. But Auchentoshan really has married the two in their latest release – the limited edition Auchentoshan Sauvignon Blanc Finish.



The innovative expression is first aged in bourbon casks for flavour, then finished, uniquely, in Sauvignon Blanc Barrique casks for zing and fruitiness. I say uniquely, because other whisky makers typically would reach for something stronger, like sherry or port. Then again, Auchentoshan ain’t your typical whisky maker, triple distilling (one time more than usual) for that signature extra smoothness. Extra disrupt-y, too, because, like a good glass of Sauvignon Blanc, the recommended serving is chilled.


Ron Welsh, Master Blender for Auchentoshan, says: “We set out to create a never-seen-before whisky on the market. Auchentoshan Sauvignon Blanc was crafted to be enjoyed chilled, allowing us to innovate on the key occasions when the product is shared.”



Perhaps the more surprising thing to me is how well it works. Lovely green apple, fresh citrus notes balanced with a grassier hay, and finishing on a lingering pepperiness. If you like a bit of whisky with your seafood dinner, look no further.


The Auchentoshan Sauvignon Blanc Finish, previously exclusive to Amazon, is now available in Singapore via The Whisky Distillery for $218.

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