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17 Jul 2018 By David Fuhrmann-Lim

There is Now An Ardbeg Embassy in Singapore. There is Now An Ardbeg Embassy in Singapore. There is Now An Ardbeg Embassy in Singapore.

You think you’ve seen quite a lot of Ardbeg (and I don’t mean the bottom of the green bottle), but there are still quite a few you may not have witnessed, much less sampled. A visit to the newly opened Ardbeg Embassy ought to make up for the shortfall.

ardbeg embassy

The Singapore outpost was launched by Ardbeg’s Global Ambassador Hamish Torrie at The Grande Whisky Collection (Ion Orchard) in late May. Each Ardbeg Embassy is dedicated to everything Ardbeggian – each come equipped with a full range of tools and support such as the Ardbeg emblem and embassy plaque. Members get access to special releases, visits from global BrandAms, masterclasses, priority invites to new Ardbeg whisky launches, and tastings with enthusiasts. 

How does one join? Buy a bottle of Ardbeg and find out. (Our pals at Spirited Singapore have more info on the history of the Embassies.)

[ Ardbeg Sent Whisky into Space ]

The global embassies include countries like Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and China. Southeast Asia’s first Ardbeg Embassy is in Singapore.

Ardbeg is a cult favourite renowned for its peaty profile, but also known as whiskies that are complex, deep, flavourful and sweet. You might know Islay for its peaty output and reputation, but Ardbeg has always been just that slightly different, just that little bit more self-aware, and doesn’t take itself seriously.

ardbeg groovy

Ardbeg Embassy, The Grande Whisky Collection, 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard, #05-01, Singapore 238801

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