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06 Jul 2022 By

[CLOSED FOR GOOD] Get Liming on The East Coast With The Caribbean Bar and Restaurant’s Newest Home.

If you haven’t already been, World Rum Day (9 July 2022) is the perfect excuse to pay Lime House’s latest outlet a visit. We love the friendly laidback Caribbean warmth, the explosively flavourful cuisine and, of course, the impressive array of rums. At over 400 bottles and counting, Lime House has one of the (if not the) most extensive collections of rum in Singapore.


Whether you’re a rum novitiate or seasoned connoisseur, you’ll find something here to love. Owner Chris Morris and team are consummate rum sherpas; take a rum flight and a delicious journey across every facet of the liquor awaits. “The Lime House rum flights are specially designed rum experiences for our diners – from introductory rum flights by country or from the same brand with different vintage for the novice to flights of rare and exceptional rums for the connoisseurs. With our wide selection, we are constantly refreshing the flights to provide a varied rum experience that represents the Caribbean,” he explained.


Fortunate to have sampled Lime House’s 1st single cask bottling of Caroni 22, but that Vieux Sajous is special.


Prefer to mix it up? Bar Manager and veteran bartender Thomas Sobota knocks out some killer concoctions. The Lime House Punch is an irresistible classic, refreshing yet potent. Homemade sorrelade with dark rum, sorrel, spices, honey and lime – yum. Despite the name, the Guinness Punch is a Jamaican, not Irish, invention. Guinness Draught (obvy), dark rum, vanilla, milk and cream, it’s a delicious way to soothe the palate when you’ve hit the spice hard.



Unlike the OG Lime House at Keong Saik, the East Coast branch is also open for lunch. Try the exclusive Fried Parrot Fish with Calypso Rice, which has bell peppers, carrots, garlic, okra, onion and pineapple, served with a side of lime slaw. Crowd favourite Bajan Fish Tacos are also unmissable, especially when washed down with a good ol’ Dark & Stormy. 


Granny’s Stew


So, Thomas, is rum the next big thing?

“I don’t think that rum is the next big thing.. I think that rum already is a big thing and just getting bigger! The spotlight has been steadily increasing on rums as consumers are starting to discover the processes and stories behind each rum barrel. The growing reputation of rum has resulted in the increase of demand for craft and premium rums.”


Premium rums like Lime House’s very own Rare Rum Series, which started with a successful launch of the now-sold-out 22-year-old Caroni, their first single cask bottling. You can still get your hands on their second bottling just released a month ago, a 1994 New Yarmouth from Jamaica.



“The beauty of rum is that there is something for everyone, ranging from light, full body or complex, even difficult. Rum can be dry, sweet, caramelly, funky, spiced, grassy, even smoky. It can be strong, overproof or low ABV, easy going.


And just like most of the rums are great, and preferably for sipping, it’s an amazing ingredient for cocktails and I love to use it. Because just as people like to enjoy their rum neat, they do in cocktails as well. More and more.


Many people have asked me over the years, which rum is my favourite. There is no answer to that because of the wide range of tastes. Depending on the day. Depending on my mood. If I’m alone or in the company of my friends, the occasion. So many aspects and still, in the end, there is a nice glass of rum waiting for us.”


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