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25 Oct 2021 By

The Future of Prosecco is Looking Rosier Than Ever With The Introduction of Its New Rosé Category

We can’t stop thinking and drinking pink now that Italy has officially debuted the new Prosecco DOC Rosé in Singapore. DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) or Controlled Designation of Origin, similar to appellation system for French wines, establishes the wine’s provenance with specific rules governing production, labelling etc.

In the case of Prosecco Rosé, it has to be Glera (minimum 85%) and Pinot Nero grapes (10 to 15%) which are vinified red. The sparkling production process takes place with natural fermentation through the Martinotti/Charmat method. You’ll find an official government seal on the neck of every bottle, which guarantees its quality and authenticity.

11 Italian wineries presented their sparkling wines at the launch event at Fullerton Hotel, which was a great way to experience the full breadth of its different unique flavours, and shades of pink. Take Astoria Wines’ Extra Dry “Butterfly” (below), one of the event’s highlights for this writer. Fresh, light and almost minty. At 15g/l of sugar, it’s perfectly balanced in terms of sweetness and acidity.



Due to the extended fermentation period of 60 days, Prosecco DOC Rosés will have fine and persistent perlage (aka a longlasting effervescence), with a round, soft mouthfeel. Every bottle we tried was elegant yet eminently quaffable, with notes of fresh apple, strawberry and white flowers. With an estimated 60 million bottles to be bottled and sold by 31 December 2021, it’s official – ’tis the season for Prosecco DOC Rosé.


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