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03 Apr 2024 By

Rosewood Phnom Penh’s Plush Cocktail Bar is Built For Cool Cats and Connoisseurs

Towering over the city of Phnom Penh is the exceptional Rosewood hotel, and mixology destination Sora is the glittering jewel in its crown. Recently listed on World’s 50 Best Bars Discovery as a “must-visit”, it’s the highest sky bar in the Cambodian capital, offering breathtaking vistas from its elegant cantilevered terrace on the 37th floor.



It’s the perfect place to sip champagne and drink in the sunset, before heading indoors for expertly crafted cocktails. Led by Bar Manager Lam Ka Tsun ‘K.T.’, who formerly helmed the cocktail program at DarkSide in Rosewood Hong Kong, the bar serves signature cocktails inspired by Cambodian ingredients like its famous kampot pepper in the gin & sparkling sake tipple Sora 75 (below). 



The cocktail menu, titled ‘The Book of Yokai’, is built around Japanese mythology. Jewel Princess (Premier Cru cognac, genmaicha, Chinato vermouth), for instance, takes inspiration from the story of dragon princess Toyotama-Hime, daughter of the sea god Watasumi, who would turn the gifts of rice and tea from her lover the hunter Hoori into precious jewels. 



Retire to the Whisky Library for cigars and further libations. Not only does it offer a beautiful view of the Tonle Sap river, it houses an enviable curation of aged spirits and fine wines. Cocktails here are equally intriguing, weaving through stories of Japanese bladesmiths and samurai swords. The Magnum Opus, a potent blend of Japanese whisky, dry curaçao, lillet blanc, honey rice cordial and New Orleans bitters, is based on the Dōjigiri Yasutsuna, the oldest surviving katana style sword in Japan. 


Oh, and look out for periodic guest shifts by mixology greats too. Coa’s Jay Khan, for one, just dropped by earlier this year to shake up some of his hotly sought after agave-forward cocktails.