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07 Jun 2023 By

Here, You Can Pair Your Briouates and Mechoui with Moroccan-inspired Cocktails & Delicious Wine

Moroccan cuisine is known for its beautifully complex, rich flavours that draw inspiration from a blend of nations and cultures, namely Middle Eastern, Berber, Andalusian, Mediterranean etc. The exciting thing about Tajine is that now you can enjoy the traditional slow-cooked sharing plates with well-crafted tipples, and even Moroccan wine (more on that later)!




I hit the ground running with a Bloody Marissa (spiced infused vodka, harissa spice mix & Ras el Hanout), figuring a savoury cocktail would really get the appetite going. It’s a lighter, slighter take on the classic, leaving the spice and herbs to do the heavy lifting. Refreshing and tasty enough, but I miss that familiar Worcestershire umami.


Food-wise, the tapas really hit the spot. The a bit confusingly-named Moroccan Salads (below) are more like a selections of dips like the grilled eggplant Zaalouk (very similar to baba ganoush). Pita, and the ball-shaped Batbout, a traditional Moroccan bread, are essential pairings. Enjoy while hot. For something more salady, the Chlada (chilled lentil salad with cucumbers and orange blossom water) was very nice. 



We really dug the hot tapas. Briouates (wild caught Atlantic sardines in a lightly fried filo triangle, served with Muhammara sauce) were like some of the best samosas I’ve ever had – rich, savoury sardines encased in flaky crust. The handmade Black Angus Keftas? Also great. Meaty, tender and spicy.



Obviously, can’t talk about Tajine without talking about tajine. We had the Wild Atlantic Monkfish Tajine, which was lovingly slow-cooked in a traditional conical tagine to mouthwatering meaty sweetness. I don’t often encounter monkfish in the gastronomical wild, save for its liver at posh sushi bars, so this was an eye-opening treat. 


From the extensive cocktail list, which included a handful of classics (Negroni, Espresso Martini et al), the Mango Blast (rum, Aperol, mango, passionfruit) was quite a hit, but what I found most inviting was the gin & mezcal-led Marrakesh (downstairs), refreshed with passionfruit and orgeat. Complex, heady yet balanced – my kinda nightcap.


Oh yeah, the wine. Being mostly unfamiliar with Moroccan wine, the Syrocco from Domaine Alain Graillot jumped out at us from the good-looking wine list. Who knew the legendary Rhône Valley winemaker was also making Syrah in Casablanca? Beautiful ripe black fruits, with a pleasing, long finish – great with most of the dishes on the menu. 


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