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21 Oct 2021 By

Ardbeg’s Three Monsters of Smoke are Here to Haunt Your Halloween High Jinks.

Ardbeg’s three Monsters of Smoke — Wee Beastie, Ten Years Old, An Oa — might be little 200ml buggers, but they’re here to wreak havoc on your halloween hopes.

Ardbeg Monsters of Smoke

Ardbeg is one of the world’s most awarded smoky whiskies. As one of the standard bearers of Islay, it’s known not just for its intense and smoky flavours, but quirky ranges and distinct labels. For this untamed range, Ardbeg was inspired by the world of 1950s B-movie horror, and each collectable bottle features a peelable label that reveals unique artwork lurking beneath.

Ardbeg Monsters of Smoke

What a monster! Ardbeg Ten Years Old is the original supremely smoky giant that has stalked the whisky world for decades, unleashing its smoky intensity on all who encounter it.

Ardbeg Monsters of Smoke

Oh the terroir! Ardbeg An Oa is a complex whisky that sits in a web of flavour notes, while sweet and subtle smoke scuttles all over the palate.

Ardbeg Monsters of Smoke

It’s alive! Ardbeg Wee Beastie is a monster of a dram; the youngest of its kind at just 5 years old, it’s a feisty young creature with a formidable bite.

Ardbeg’s Director of Distilling and Whisky Creation, Dr Bill Lumsden, said: “This trio pack is perfect for those looking to get their hands on something highly collectable. Ideal for both veteran Ardbeggians and those new to our whisky, we look forward to everybody enjoying the whisky, and discovering what’s beneath the one-of-a-kind peel and reveal labels…”

We’re suckers for great packaging, but with Ardbeg, the substance inside the packaging never disappoints…we can testify, having visited the distillery some time back. (In their secret tasting room there lurks other monsters in the dark.)

Enjoy these delicious single malts at S$118, available from Le Vigne Wines & Spirits and Asher BWS.

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