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If You Find Yourself in Kuala Lumpur, This New Hotel Lobby Bar Will Delight You.

Our big weekend plans in Kuala Lumpur were thwarted by the twit from 1975, who single-handedly managed to get the Good Vibes Festival cancelled. We’d travelled from Singapore with high hopes of a rocking weekend, but it wasn’t to be. Sure, we had the comfort of the new hotel to welcome us and a lovely view of the city to encourage us, but when life gives you lemons, there is only one thing to do… find solace in a bar. 


Kuala Lumpur has a lot of cocktails bars, some of them awarded and in Asia’s Top 50 list. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to travel far. In the lobby of the PARKROYAL COLLECTION Kuala Lumpur where I was ensconced is the Botanist Bar — barely a year old — and bartender Wei Lung to greet and guide us. He suggested we start with the bar’s signatures before we hit the classics. That’s just music to our ears.

Picante Bonito Botanist Bar

A refreshing signature to start your evening (the bar is open from morning if you are so inclined). This Picante Bonito is a take on the mojito and has sweet and sour flavours; the tabasco adds just the right hint of heat.


Strawberry Sugarhill botanist Bar

And just like that, the Cosmopolitan variant makes another appearance in our lives. Strawberry Sugar High is not as sweet as its name implies and is a tasty concoction to start your sojourn.


Pisang Sensation Botanist Bar

The bar’s signature Pisang Sensation is an umami delight, made even more pleasing with the caramelised banana garnish.


Garden Botanist bar

Fun Fact: The hotel has a rooftop garden that provides the herbs and garnishes the bar and restaurants need.


botanist coconut

This is a clever take on the Expresso Martini: with vodka, coconut, local coffee and Disaronno liqueur.


Vesper Calvados Botanics bar

I reckon that with a bit more buzz and an upcoming menu revamp, the bar could waltz into a Top 100 list soon.  

And finally, when challenged to make a cocktail with calvados (distilled apple cider spirit), Wei Lung gave us a gorgeous take on the Vesper, with bracing notes of pisco, gin and Lillet Blanc in a charming mix. It’s potent, and hit all the spots.

That, ladies and gents, is how you turn a cancelled day into a rocking cocktail evening.

Botanist Lounge & Bar 01 wo talent

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