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He Wants European Cuisine, But She Wants a Good ‘Ol Burger. Well, They’re in Luck: Have it Both Ways (and More) at Hans Im Glück.

Burgers and cocktails aren’t exactly a novel proposition, but it’s about time someone came up with a grown-up Happy Meal like German burger chain Hans Im Glück’s Evening Set.

Simply top up $15 to one of their myriad burger options (and there are plenty) for a side and a cocktail of your choice. And you will be spoiled for choice, the last time we visited, we counted 19 options for meat-lovers and an additional whopping 11 different vegetarian and vegan burgers.

Lunch amidst the (real!) birch tree trunks is a laid-back affair; the fairy tale setting a genuinely relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road. Based on a German fable, burger grill is chock-full of charming bric-à-brac like birdhouses and menus designed like children’s books.

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Try the Scharfrichter (mushrooms, three-pepper sauce and rocket) – we’re finger-licking fans of its piquant flavour and tender Australian beef batty. Double the meat or half the carbs by going “naked” – HIG burger-speak for going bun-less.

The vibe here is way too cazh for any serious cocktail pairing but we like the Wanderer (Pim’s, mint, lime, ginger, and sparkling water). Traditionalists will appreciate the German draft beers on offer (although we’re hoping to see more than the existing two options soon). What we like even more is that every cocktail on the menu is S$14 – the owners want to level the playing field – let your taste (not the price) dictate your pick.

If you’ve only visited HIG while the sun’s still up, you might want to take another gander after sundown. Word is, after the kids’ bedtime stories, the venue takes on a more sophisticated sheen as it morphs into a lively lounge with a distinctly different playlist. Stick around after dinner, enjoy a few pre-clubbing tipples. Where you go after for your own fairytale ending, we’ll leave to your own devices.

Hans Im Glück, 362 Orchard Road. 11am til midnight (til 1am on Friday, Saturday and PH eve).

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