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Writers Bar at Raffles Hotel is an Oasis of Memories and Memorable Cocktails For The Cultured Drinker.

Though the Writers Bar isn’t quite tucked away in some corner of the hotel (it’s literally to the side of the hotel entrance), it still always feels like it’s the secret bar that comports itself amid the august splendour of Raffles. For decades, the Writers Bar has served many great guns of literature; it carries its history with charm and yet thrives through its contemporaneity.


The refreshed cocktail menu at the Writers Bar draws inspiration from esteemed literary patrons who have graced the hotel throughout its history  — and it is an enviable list. Presented by bar manager Konstantine Arzumanov, punters here imbibe a selection of inventive concoctions meticulously crafted, with each range designed to honour renowned novelists and reflect their distinctive personalities.

Raffles Hotel Singapore Writers Bar

This erstwhile Macfarlane cocktail, like Balcon (below, both $35), is part of the menu inspired by the book of poems ‘How to Build a Lux Hotel’ by Madeleine Lee, the first ever Writer-in-Residence under the Raffles Writer’s Residency program. Johnny Walker Gold Reserve and St-Germain are the pentameters that make this cocktail sing. Also, like Balcon, either would make a great start to the evening. 


Raffles Hotel Singapore Writers Bar

The subtle and strategic absinthe mist elevates this French 75 into a new treat. Your senses are engaged by the citrus and anise, and the Balcon cocktail is now an easy yet energising jaunt. Clever clever.


Raffles Hotel Singapore Writers Bar

The bar celebrates and is inspired by the many achievements of writers like Somerset Maugham (Beautiful Bubblies), Rudyard Kipling (Wine Cocktails) and Joseph Conrad (Shaken & Refreshing). I want to give a shout-out to French novelist and art theorist Andre Malraux (also France’s first cultural affairs minister), whose dense work and sharp style instigated this ‘Boozy & Stirred’ section, particularly The Vortex ($30). This bracing cocktail blends two rums with sherry, Cherry Heering, amaro and wolfberries to make it the night’s first robust and winning drink. Malraux also inspired our other favourite cocktail 👇🏼

Raffles Hotel Singapore Writers Bar

Only Death is brought to life with Sazerac Rye, green peppercorn, honey and the accompanying spirits. The cocktail is a multi-layered libation that feels like an undisputed classic despite its quirky touches.


Raffles Hotel Singapore Writers Bar

A Toast to High Spirits and Good Health is a rather long name for a cocktail, but then, this Low Sugar section is inspired by James Michener, known for his epic, long family sagas that span generations. (Haha!). This American Pulitzer Prize winner became a regular at Raffles Hotel after his first visit in 1949. The cocktail is a friendly guest on any hot afternoon.

Pablo Neruda inspires an entire Negroni section (Ode to Negroni?). For that alone, the man deserves a medal. The cocktail menu is way more expansive than I can possibly mention; I only managed to introduce half of its earthly delights. While it seems as if the Writers Bar is trading in history and heroes, it modernises its offerings with the latest spirits and the most luxurious presentations. So, while you’re here, you might get a whiff of what famous writers were imbibing, and you certainly will be accorded service with modern sensibilities and style. And that’s something worth writing home about.

Writers Bar, Raffles Hotel, 1 Beach Road.

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