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Check Out This Minimalist Winery With a Japanese Feel.

This first appeared in Trendland.

This beautiful minimalist winery Steinbach Keller is located in Gamlitz, the famous wine region of Southern Styria, Austria.


The history of the winery in southern Styria dates back to the year 1770.


It consists of several buildings from different eras, which changed their functions over time to give room for the necessary work processes.


The oldest building of the winery, whose cellars were used as tasting and storage facilities, no longer met the needs of the winegrower.


The basement rooms were not designed for a fluid workflow.


The aim of the redesign by Ulrike Tinnacher was to translate the credo of the wines – clear, elegant and timeless – into an adequate architectural language.


They also had to optimise the interaction of sales, office, warehouse and archive in its functions. Now who’s gonna take our orders?

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About the winery: The delicateness of the South Styrian landscape and the almost Mediterranean gentleness of the climate make this region one of Austria’s most beautiful places. Small-scale agriculture and century-old tradition have created two culinary specialties for which this area has become famous beyond its borders: pumpkin seed oil and, above all, South Styrian wine, which is highly regarded throughout the world.

Styrian wine derives its particular aromas and flavors from the most diverse soils: In the course of the geological evolution of the region, faults and folds formed the most varied layers of rock: lime marl soils, gravel conglomerates, sandy soils and shell limestone alternate on the smallest surface area.


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