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Sure, We Love Free Booze But Would We Love Booze-Free? We Check In at Yotel Orchard to See if We’re Ready to Join the Zero-Alcohol Komyuniti

Despite reports of the so-called “pandemic drinking”, low- and no-alcohol spirits and cocktails are more popular than ever. From bars to supermarkets, alcohol-free options are becoming more widely available. Alcohol-free spirit brand Lyre’s just launched a new line of ready-to-drink cocktails. If you’re after a more hand-crafted experience though, look no further than Yotel Orchard’s Komyuniti. Head bartender As’ad Isnin uses Lyre’s award-winning “spirits” in his innovative placebo cocktails.



Don’t think of the drinks as mocktails, asks As’ad. His 9-drink non-alcoholic menu is more considered, using infusions, house-made shrubs and fresh herbs to create concoctions just as exciting as the real deal. For drinkers craving the classics, order from the “Old Skool” menu, where he riffs off familiar favourites like the Not So Old Fashioned (above) – a blend of Spiced Cane Spirit, American malt, spiced maple syrup, orange zest and Amarena dark cherry.



For some though, a No-groni might be a bit ersatz. We actually preferred the “Acidic-Addict” cocktails, original recipes with no alcoholic counterparts. It’s here the award-winning mixologist’s creativity shines – like in The Gardener (above), an acid-forward “martini” that surprises and intrigues with its pea-infused Dry London Spirit and house-made dill and cucumber shrub. 



As luck would have it, he received a pack of Crodino, Italy’s #1 non-alcoholic aperitivo during our tasting, so we were privileged to be among the first in Singapore to try some. Made with the same classic recipe first created in 1965, Crodino consists of 15 botanicals including nutmeg, clove buds and cardamom, giving it a refreshing bittersweetness. While delicious on its own over ice with an orange slice, we’re also eager to see what As’ad could do with it. 



“Maybe soon, we’d also see drinks made with Melati too?” After all, the Singapore-based company is Asia’s first non-alcoholic aperitif. Founder Lorin Winata actually worked with a food scientist and an Ayurvedic specialist to create the drink, which blends a whopping 26 different botanicals including goji berry, hibiscus and raw cacao. Even better, the blend of ingredients are said to help with liver detoxification and digestion.


Sounds ideal if you’re doing a No-booze November.


Komyuniti, Yotel Singapore, 366 Orchard Road

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