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No Longer The Old Man, Papa Doble Still Pays Tribute to Ernest Hemingway With a New Menu Inspired By The Countries The Itinerant Writer Has Visited.

A few years ago we wrote that The Old Man was one of the best new bar openings. We loved its concept (everything Hemingway) and their use of kitchen techniques to create cocktails that were clarified, potent yet easy to drink, and downright tasty. So despite the name change, everything is still the same, but different. Gone is the old name, but at Papa Doble, all ideas still hew to Hemingway, and all the rotary evaporators and sous vide concoctions are still present and purposeful. “The Journey menu is about tracing Ernest Hemingway’s footsteps,” founder Andrew Yap tells us.

In this revamp, the new cocktails are simply named Singapore, France, China, Thailand, Africa, Bahamas etc. — the cocktail journey our travelling man took. Don’t let the simple names and looks fool you: the cocktails are deceptively strong and its clarity belie many surprising flavours and textures.

papa doble 3 bahamas

Bahamas: Bacardi Carta Blanca, Giffard coconut, clarified ananas, lime and coco aqua.

This is how you start your session here, with a clear layered cocktail that is honestly stronger than the ingredients suggest and is sneakily potent as well.

Papa doble 4

China: rose-infused Hendrick’s, soursop, pink dragonfruit, lavender syrup and bubbles.

The team cleverly avoided the cliched use of baijiu and, as a result, this is a quaffable fizzy delight.

Papa Doble 5

Italy: lemon-infused Tito’s Vodka, mascarpone gelato cream, salted caramel, amarena cherry and chocolate bitters.

So many complementary flavours here, all working overtime to present a subtle hint of Italy’s dessert domain.

papa doble

Singapore: Hendrick’s Orbium, Cointreau, Dom Benedictine, clarified ananas and lime, pomegranate coulis, manzanilla sherry and bitters.

The bar’s take on the ubiquitous Singapore Sling, but with a dryer and more drinkable approach. You gotta have the Dom, but the manzanilla sherry is a terrific touch.

papa doble classics

The Papa Doble (left) and their classics — never forsake the classics. Or to rephrase, never forget the classics offered during what we reckon is the best happy hour in the Chinatown enclave: S$15+ all night on these nights:

Monday: Martini

Tuesday: Old Fashioned

Wednesday: Negroni.

That’s all night. Now get your passport ready and head to Keong Saik.

Papa Doble, 55 Keong Saik Road, #01-04.

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