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01 May 2023 By

Six Top Bartenders Get Their Hands on Premium Japanese Gin & The Freshest Seasonal Ingredients. You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next!

Damn good cocktails, that’s what. 


Once again, Roku Gin honours the concept of ‘Shun’, a celebration of seasonal produce at its peak, by sending 6 of our best mixologists 1 special spring ingredient each to create exclusive cocktails with. This season, they are cherry, rhubarb, strawberry, sudachi, plum and avocado.



Goho, a trendy kaiseki & bar on Duxton, got creative with their given ingredient – rhubarb. It’s not exactly a familiar presence in cocktails, but here, its tart sweetness is harnessed well in the Rhubarb & Chamomile ($24), which used the floral tea and grapefruit oil to balance clarified rhubarb juice. We’re partial to the heady allure of the Rhubarb Gimlet ($24) made with Roku Gin, rhubarb juice, yuzu reduction and orange bitters.



At Live Twice, it’s strawberries galore. We started with the surprisingly not-too-sweet Ichigo Fizz ($28), even with the addition of honey ginger syrup. Easy and refreshing, with a subtle, but noticeable lift from that ginger. Order this first.

The in-a-coupe Spring Blossom ($28), we initially thought ‘too girly’, but sips later and we were sold on the strawberry and geranium syrup & foam. So easy. Still, the one that took the (strawberry) cake for us was Little Charm ($28), that’s made with a delicious strawberry shochu. 

Parched tip: don’t drink on empty, especially when the bar bites are this legit. Of course, the wagyu’s gonna be good, but wait ’til you try the tamago sando. Look how thicc.



The specially crafted cocktails are only available until 26 May 2023. Find them at these participating bars:

  1. Manhattan (Cherry)
  2. Stay Gold (Sudachi)
  3. Live Twice (Strawberry)
  4. ORIGIN: (Avocado)
  5. GOHO: (Rhubarb)
  6. One Ninety (Plum)

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