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24 Oct 2017 By

Meet The “Roku” (Japanese For Six), The Six Botanicals in Suntory’s Extravagant and Exquisite Roku Gin.

Ohayou Gozaimasu

First instant noodles. Then Whisky… And now, Gin. Roku Gin.

Japanese distilleries are shining their renowned craft spotlight on gin.

Just last month, established whisky heavyweight distillery Suntory launched “Roku” – which means “six”, namely the six local botanicals that has gone into the craft of Roku Gin.

The six core botanicals are picked using the ‘Shun” practise, which is the tradition of harvesting the best ingredients at their peak – when the ingredients are at its peak freshness and potency.

They are: Sencha Tea, Sakura Leaf, Yuzu, Gyokuro Tea, Sakura Flower, Sansho Flower.

“Technically, gin is any neutral spirit that is predominantly flavoured with juniper berry, a blue-ish green berry-like fruit. Brewers are free to add other botanicals to make a unique-tasting drink.”

Tasting Notes:

The nose gets past the usual citrus and lemon tangs of gin and a light, distinct top note of cherry blossom is appreciated, along with an additional herbaceous element to its bouquet, unlike usual gin. Delicate notes of tea and pepper briefly detected but just as quickly escapes. It is clean and smooth and well balanced. Tea lovers can rejoice, as you can expect leafy hits of tea, with a striking bitterness close to a ginseng-like quality.

Experience Roku Gin at:


Aki Eguchi pouring the Miyabi, a cocktail made with Roku gin.

The Miyabi:

45ml Roku gin

20ml Sakura Syrup

10ml Peach Liqueur

10ml Lemon Juice

10ml Egg White

Shake everything vigorously and pour into a chilled rock glass with a big cube of ice.

Garnish with a sakura flower on the ice cube.

Aki will be serving two special Roku Gin cocktails at Gibson until the end of the year – subarashi!

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