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Lime House, Singapore’s Only Caribbean Bar and Restaurant, Has a New Drinks Program Featuring 308 rums! Oh, and Pretty Kickbutt Grub Too.

Forest-bathing, oversized clothes, water at perfect temperature, not-awkward silences, Pineapple Express (the movie), the fella who invented the cut/copy-paste function (his name is Larry Tesler. you’re welcome.) and rum
What are things that are grossly underrated?  
Alex Trebek: Correct.

Seems to me, like rum is the most underrated spirit out there.

The venn diagram goes like this, you have the whisky-lovers in one big commercial and rather serious bubble, and you have the colonial, classy, and convivial gin-folk in another, with a tiny overlap. Then there’s the growing Tequila and mezcal circle, and even vodka has its own circle of trust with the millennials and the Russians.

But rum; rum tends to be a subsumed category, an after-thought spirit, “goes with coke and tropical fruit”, and often, given the bottom shelf treatment.


Not here, says LIME HOUSE…


Every Underdog Has Its Day

Meet LIME HOUSE, Singapore’s only Carribean bar & restaurant who has just launched new interiors, coupled with a revamped food and drinks menu which features >308 types of Rums! 

Open since 2013, LIME HOUSE is a Keong Saik Road stalwart that has withstood the Singapore’s notorious short-lived pub-years test of time. This revitalisation continues to celebrate the region, telling the story of the island tropics, culture and lifestyle through craft interpretations of Caribbean cocktails, a curated rum offering and authentic bites.


But First, Let’s Line The Stomach

Notable Bites Include:

Plantain Nachos | LIME HOUSE, Singapore


Oxtail Eggplant | LIME HOUSE, Singapore


Curry Goat | LIME HOUSE, Singapore


and now, for the rum stuff.

You Had Us At: “We Have 308 Types of Rums” 

LIME HOUSE has new drinks programme that will whisk you all around the archipelago in a single sitting. Developed with Proof and Company, the new programme will take you on a journey through Jamaica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Anguilla, Puerto Rico, the Cayman Islands, and more. 

Our Favourite Cocktail of the evening: 

● Between Isle, Saint Lucia 
Taking inspiration from the islands of Martinique, Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines, this one is a savoury reinvention of the old fashioned. It contains a blend of Martinique and Bajan rum, with homemade hibiscus grenadine, and black pepper honey! 

About Rum

“Hundreds of years ago, there was a sugar craze in Europe, and colonies were established around the Caribbean to make the sweet commodity. But the production of sugar creates a lot of byproduct—namely, molasses. There wasn’t much use for the thick, sticky, sweet substance until it was discovered that molasses could be fermented and then distilled. The alcohol quickly became popular with pirates, sailors and America’s founders… While the rules for rum production vary greatly from country to country, there are two main types: light and dark. The color of the spirit is primarily determined by the amount of time it has spent aging in oak barrels. The longer it’s been aged, the more color and flavor it picks up from the wood. Some experts say that the Caribbean’s high heat and humidity help speed up the alcohol’s maturation. No matter the color, most rum is still made from molasses, but some brands do use fresh sugar cane juice…”

Whisky is too serious! RUM is FUN ~ @limehouseasia

We say: Rum is the spirit we have been underestimating. Head down to LIME HOUSE Singapore, get an education, and reconsider rum’s prominence in a bar. 
COMING UP, we interview the head bartender of LIME HOUSE, Thomas Sobota.
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