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Xin Hui Helder-Eng


Xin brings to Parched all the wisdom of a young woman who has seen life from both the giving and the receiving end of the bar – the latter far exceeding the former – across the city, the region, and beyond.

Today, armed with the soul of a storyteller and an off-the-charts lexicon, she writes and collects stories for our editorial team with a never-before-seen passion, not simply for drinking, but for the outcomes a good drink brings.

Fluent in small, medium, and colossal talk, she is an inevitable celebrity. Not just because of her good nose, so-so face, and great bod, but because when it comes to the joys of drinking, Xin knows just where the good lighting and badass angle is.

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#633 No.

Excuse Me Miss, Is Your Last Name Thio or Chio? Meet Charmaine Thio, Brand Ambassador for Hendrick's Gin, Southeast Asia.

#631 No.

Lime House, Singapore's Only Caribbean Bar and Restaurant, Has a New Drinks Program Featuring 308 rums! Oh, and Pretty Kickbutt Grub Too.

#630 No.

Wingardium Leviosa! Cocktail wizard Joe Schofield returns to Tippling Club, with a new job title, "author" - a one-day-only book launch and guest shift is happening 23 Nov 2019

#616 No.

The 5 "GINfluencers" you will meet at GIN JUBILEE 2018

#610 No.

The 9th Edition of Whisky Live Singapore (2-4 Nov) Will Take Place At Andaz Hotel, Featuring The Rising Stars of The Industry And Some 70 Whisky And Spirit Brands.

#607 No.

Meet Philippe Chin, OFC's newly appointed Wine & Operations Manager. His first "order" of business? Natural Wine

#603 No.

You'd Want to Stand Up For This. There is Now a Whisky Museum in Singapore. Come For The Tour, Stay For The Drams. Pick Up Some Whisky Knowledge, Drop Some Coins at The Gift-Shop.

#420 No.

Sam Herde is The Man Who Has to Choose From Scores of Wines and Decide on The Special Ones That Make it Into Sunday Wine Down, PS.Cafe's Monthly Wine Tasting Series.

#332 No.

We're counting down to Art Stage Singapore, because this local gallery's got us at "pop-up whisky bar".

#551 No.

Meet The "Roku" (Japanese For Six), The Six Botanicals in Suntory's Extravagant and Exquisite Roku Gin.

#547 No.

We are at the release party for the 2017 vintage of Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc, eager to catch up with the brand's viticulturalist, Jim White, and pay homage to the wine that has put Marlborough, New Zealand on the world wine map...

#499 No.

Get your passport! DFS hosts a six-week Whiskey Festival at Singapore Changi Airport, bringing together (over 300) whiskies, ambassadors, aficionados, and enthusiasts to the same table.