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Don’t be misled by its rather cheesy name, Ding Dong is a bar/restaurant that switches it up with its rather special concoctions of South-East meets West – both in its bites and booze.


Normally, Ding Dong’s prime location – virtually between four different MRT stations (Tanjong Pagar, Outram Park, Chinatown and Telok Ayer) – would have made it a quick and easy walk. Though the day I chose to go it was absolutely pouring with rain. When finally arriving to Ding Dong, my clothes and hair semi-drenched, I was immediately welcomed warmly by the staff and led upstairs to the bar/dining area.

It was covered in a mod-asian decor reflective of its theme of South-East meets West fusion and similarly one can expect this canon to play out in both Ding Dong’s cuisines and cocktails. The culinary creations are headed up by Tippling Club’s very own Ryan Clift while his colleague from the Tippling Club, Kamil Foltan, is in charge of the bar.

Ding Dong - Roti Kaya

Some of these cocktails are made up with ingredients that certainly invoke a particular nostalgia, be it pandan syrup in the Roti Kaya (above), gula malaka in the Pirates of Malacca or even Pi Pa Gao (a traditional Chinese herbal medicine) in the Pi Pa Gao cocktail. I, being rather addicted to tom yum, found the Golden Mile (below) one of Ding Dong’s most popular cocktails – a rather refreshing twist on both the dish and the drink. 

Ding Dong - Golden Mile


But that’s not all – Ding Dong, having already created fusions mainly South East Asian-inspired, has mentioned they are expecting to add more F&B items inspired by Japan (e.g. sake and sashimi). If you are interested to try Japanese influenced drinks the Fujiyama (below) as well as the Calpis cocktail are certainly sweet and a good kickstarter. 

Ding Dong - Fujiyama

In Singapore there are more Asian Fusion restaurants and bars than there are taxis, this one really does push their cocktails into more daring territory. It can definitely be said that though Ding Dong takes familiar elements in Asian delicacies and combines them with familiar Western spirits, the end product is something that – like a new Woody Allen film – still charm you. 

Want to try something fresh? Make a reservation through their website here

Ding Dong, 23 Ann Siang Road.

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