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Does P&C Have The Best Cocktail and Food Pairing Menu in Singapore? (Rhetorical Question, Of Course They Do!)

There have been many great pairings throughout history: Mulder and Scully, peanut butter and jelly, Legolas and Gimli (LOTR), cigars and cognac, Lennon and McCartney, Wimbledon and strawberries et al. You know where this is going.

We’ve all been to wine pairing dinners, spirit pairing dinners, and even meals where a cocktail just goes well with a certain dish — margaritas and tacos, I’m looking at you.

The not-so-secret home space P&C — located above tropical bar Low Tide on Club Street now has a cocktail pairing “Dirty Suppers” that takes the chef’s table concept to the next level. Because let’s face it, many have tried to pair cocktails with food, but often the ingredients don’t swipe right with each other, there is little common ground and the matchy-factor is token at best.

P&C Cocktail pairing

With the six-course meals created by chef Pete Smit and punch-style cocktails by Jay Gray (Low Tide, Sago House), you get a specific pairing that works on all levels: taste, textures and terrific looks. The hand-crafted plateware is made by Dirty Hands, and the attic space is a cosy den where you want to play music. Choose your own ‘sound’ for the evening from their vinyl selection, though I recommend this dope playlist.

In short, ladies and gents, this is your next great pairing.

P&C Cocktail pairing

Morning Glory: Whisky, aquavit and juices.

According to the team at P&C, they “set out to create a dining experience that was more like being invited to a friends home rather than a stuffy etiquette-based traditional setting.”

P&C Cocktail pairing

Mezcal negroni with fernet.

It’s maybe pointless to describe the dishes I had because it’s seasonal (menu changes every month), and you will eat something different, with different cocktails to complement each time.

P&C Cocktail pairing

Calvados with white port, citrus and clarified tea.

Chef Pete tells us the goal is to have the food simple and easy to approach: “I want people to be able to relate to the flavours, even though they may not have had them in the ways that are presented. I want it all to be relatable and honest without having to use the ingredients people see as fancy.”

Much thought is given to the use of by-products and available ingredients, so go with an open mind and an open heart and you will be rewarded.

P&C Cocktail pairing

Rum cooked with spices, chocolate, truffle, sherry — topped with hazelnut.

What an experience, I’ve booked to return with another group of friends (place seats eight) as P&C has just introduced their new menu. The vibe is convivial as it’s a cosy alcove; the pairing is a sequence of surprises. Delightful, is my final word on this. Hope you experience something this good as well.

Tasting Menu: $128+

Chef’s six-course tasting menu (drinks can be ordered ala carte as well).

Pairing Menu: $200+

Six courses paired with cocktails designed to accentuate the experience.

P&C, 98 Club Street.

Book here or contact Team@lowtide.sg, Tel: 8952-1145.

(Many thanks to MM for arranging the tasting!)


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