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14 Nov 2019 By

Wingardium Leviosa! cocktail wizard Joe Schofield returns to Tippling Club, with a new job title, “author” – a one-day-only book launch and guest shift is happening 23 Nov 2019

In the Spring of 2016, we interviewed this fresh-off-the-hogwarts-express bar wizard Joe Schofield who had (then) just arrived in Singapore. (Read the interview here) Joe, we noticed, was sprinkling some serious magic-dust at Tippling Club. After the interview – as per our prediction – Joe exploded in the local cocktail scene faster than one can say Expelliarmus, swiftly cementing his position as local bartender royalty. 

The Tippling Club, Singapore has a new Bar Wizard and don’t you mistake him for Harry Potter!

His signature style: a combination of artistry and wizardry in taste-bending cocktail-sorcery. We are not exaggerating. Remember the gummy bear tasting menu at Tippling Club? Remember the smell some sticks and let us surprise you with a perfumed cocktail menu at Tippling Club? The Sensorium Menu at Tippling Club? It’s all Joe.

Did You Know: His menu paved the way to a prestigious top 10 spot in the World’s Best Cocktail Menu category of the Tales of the Cocktail’s 2017 Spirited Awards.

It gets better.

Fast-forward to today, three years on, the Winter of 2019, Schofield returns. This time as a multi-hyphenate. He is now wizard, world-renowned bartender, and a published author.

It turns out, all these years working the bar, Schofield has been taking notes. After years of collecting his favourite cocktail recipes, he has put together a book titled: Schofield’s Fine And Classic Cocktails – showcasing a collection of recipes he holds dear. What you get is a cocktail recipe book “on classic cocktails that are made using modern ingredients and expert techniques.” so says the press release. 

We are absolutely bursting to get our hands on it. 

Congrats, Schofield! 

To commemorate this, Tippling Club has partnered with Remy Cointreau to organise a book launch event where guests will be given the opportunity to purchase a personalised copy of the book from the man himself. During the launch Joe will also showcase two of his favourite cocktails from his new book “Between The Sheets” a light and refreshing cocktail, and a light and sour classic, “The White Lady”.


Joe Schofield’s Official Book Signing and Bar Takeover will take place: Saturday, 23 November 2019

2.00pm – 4.00pm : Book Launch

7.30pm – 10.30pm : Joe Schofield’s Guest Shift 

Venue: Tippling Club, 38 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088461